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Monday, July 31, 2006

My poor NCD

Well, went to police station with my colleague to settle the report. We hired a guy to negotiate for us with the Sargeant. Eventually the case was closed with a summon on my colleague for RM200 and the victim will claim on my insurance for compensation. I lost the NCD (stand for never claim discount??) for my car insurance next year :'(. Anyway, its lucky that i didnt get any deduction on license credits. But my car was been taken photo and filed! My poor car......

Sunday, July 30, 2006

One day Penang trip with Forum friends

My junior came to Penang yesterday morning to visit me meanwhile joining a net-friends gathering. She knew all those net-friends in Coool Forum. As i was free i joined them for one day Penang trip as well. But with the police call i really felt my mood got spoilted.

Our meet started in Auto-city. We had our lunch there. There were quite number of them, around 10. Half of them are guys. After lunch we went to Penang Bird Park. Well, it has quite number of species of birds inside. There are more than 300 species in the park according to park's staff. However, the entrance fee is a bit high and i feel is not worth for visiting :).

After came out from bird park we lost their track. Then I and my junior called them and finally decided to go back island and meet them again around 6pm for steamboat dinner. We went to buy some stuff in Tesco, then straight went for the steamboat shop. I checked for Penang map from wikimapia and I drove according the road i thought is fastest. But too bad one path i chosen is actually a one way road in reverse direction of my interest and i couldnt continue my planned route. After couples of turns we got lost.

Well, we called them again and and they asked us to meet in Tesco. :( it was good if we just stayed in Tesco before that! ... The worst part was we couldnt find a road to go into Tesco from Jelutong express highway, and we mis-chosen a road to go up Penang Bridge! .... :( We lost RM 7 toll fee for nothing. Finally we met them around 7pm and followed them to the steamboat restaurant. After dinner we went to Gurney Plaza. It was around 10.30pm and most shop were closing. I dated few of my colleagues to watch movie "Dragon Tiger Gate"and so I and my junior left them. The movie is not bad. After movie and finally i reached my bed around 2.30am... It was really a tired day.

I will post the photoes of gathering once i got them :)

It was not an assasination!!!

It was really got shock when my sister called me from hometown to tell me that they received a letter from traffic police. The letter stated that my car involved in an accident at 19th July and wants me to meet a Sargeant in traffic police station. Well, the date was the day i borrow my colleague car and my car get assasinated. I thought the motorist went to report police. But that doesnt make sense as the motorist was in wrong according to my colleague. Since my dad shown very much of concern, i decided to check with him.

After he knew about the letter then he confessed that he actually knocked a Mercedes!!! ... Oh gosh..... he lied to me and now it becomes so troublesome now!!! .... Definitely i have to claim my insurance to cover the victim's car, and i lost my discount for premium next year, RM 300 for involvement in accident (maybe this will require him to pay), and the most crucial thing is will they deduct my license credit??? I am still under probation period and only have 10 points!!! Even though my friend said that he will go to meet the Sargeant with me and confess that he is the driver, I am still worry whose credit the Sargeant going to deduct. Sigh.... I am so vex now. I had a forum friends meeting with my junior after that, but this really spoilted my mood!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Yesterday a member from forum, Yusin did some cookies. This is her first time to do cookies and she posted some photoes of them on forum. They look nice and i asked if i could have some. Surprisingly she agreed. She gave me her address and I asked my colleague to bring me there. Well, this was my first meet with her. Her cookies were not bad, but a little bit fragile, and sugar was not fully mixed well. LOL. But she is still worth to be praised as she did quite well in her first try. Keep going.

Friday, July 28, 2006

A Lame Guy

Just read a post in forum, felt really want to kick his ass if i could. The guy is around 30+ and is planning to divorce with his wife, and is posting a post in forum to ask for opinion from other members. He together with his wife for six years (including dating and marriage) and is having 2 kids now. His argument is he cant stand her wife and already lost his patient. He has no feel on his wife now.

I cant really understand people now if they have time to consider about divorce, why they cant sit down to analyse the problems and try to solve them. Ya, i know that might not be easy as just saying here, but is him really tried his best? did him show good effort on that? I do really hope that he is not looking for excuses for his lame personalities. Except that both of them are looking forward to divorce, if not there is not impossible to solve the problems. What i am concerning are the kids, not them.

As i said before, people nowadays have more choices, and therefore becoming more selfish. Lots of decisions made were actually based on own feel rather than the effects of decisions. Why is it so hard to say sorry? why is it so hard to start a conversation? why is it so hard to do all these things for your lovely kids?

hmmm.... remember, if you are not marry yet, please make sure you are really able to communicate with your partner first. If you feel that you cant really voice out your opinion and true feeling in front of him/her, please re-evaluate your relationship and future. You can avoid all those unhappy stuff !

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Weird sound from bottom of car

After sent my ex-coursemate (Yenhui) and her cousin (Ida) back company to take her car, i drove on the way back to home. Suddenly there was a loud sound came from right bottom part of my car. I suspected the tyre was punctured. But after few seconds the sound gone. Then I accelerated my car, the sound came out again and became louder. I was worried that something happened to my car and i might encounter accident if i kept driving the car. Therefore i drove my car to the beach beside Coastal highway and put on my emergency light. I tried to call Yenhui but her mobile phone no response. Luckily I recalled that one of my colleague Keat Loong (one of the 3 monkeys) is doing night shift. I called him and he came out from lab to see what happened on my car.

After he checked all tyres he said everything looked fine. Then i proposed that we drove around to see the sound was still there or not. :S it was really weird that the sound gone. I speeded up the car until 70km/hour, everything is fine.... hmm.... after one round i drove him back to take his car. We suspect that there was something sticked on my car and caused the sound, and it was dropped. Anyway, my car now is fine. Thats make me relieve.

Normal shift or Compress week mode?

i had dinner with my ex-courmate and her cousin last night, in a Japanese food restaurant at I-Avenue. She brought out a statement that work as normal shift is more tiring than work as compress week mode.

normal shift - work 9.5 hours per day, monday to friday
compress week - work 12 hours per day, but only 7 days in 2 weeks (first week 3 days, second week 4 days)

I am quite agree with her statement. Even though you have work longer time per day in compress week mode, but 3-4 days per week of rest can really help much in keep your life fresh and fun. You are able to do a lot of thing within the 3-4 rest days.

Instead, you spend 5 days per week for your work in normal shift mode. Wake up early in the morning and only reach home around 7pm (due to traffic jam or etc). Nothing much you can do in the days. Weekend you would rather sleep more in home and lazy to do anything. LOL. I want to try compress week mode if have chance. I am really sick with normal shift work already :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How we can see our future

Now-a-days everyone's life is so busy. Adults need to work, youngsters need to study, even pre-school kids need to go for tuition or other talent classes. However, when people getting busier, it seem that more and more people lost their track for their own future.

Busier mean more works to do, it also mean that you might encounter more failures than ever. Lots of people are just like to focus on their failures and then become pessimistics. I recall a phrase that actually become the key message of a taiwan drama.

“紧要关头不放弃,成功就在不远处; 什么时候才是紧要关头呢? 你想放弃的每一秒,都是紧要关头”
"Never give up at the critical moment, then success will just right there for you; But when is the critical moment? The every second you want to give up, is the critical moment"

Can you get the message? How we can see our future? Its hope! Hold your hope happily, not miserably. Thats the way :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Its cool that my junior gave me this interesting blog. Kenny Sia presenting his blog in a very humourous way with plenty of photoes and jokes. Its really cool and is definitely 1000 times better than my blog is LOL. Anyway, come back to my blog once a while too as moral support :p

Only Heaven Knows

Rick Price – Heaven Knows

She's always on my mind From the time I wake till I close my eyes
She's everywhere I go She's all I know
And though she's far away It just keeps gettin stronger everyday
And even now she's gone I'm still holding on
So tell me where do I start
Cause it breaking my heart Don't wanna let her go

Maybe my love will come Back someday
Only heaven knows
And maybe our heart will Find a way
Only heaven knows
And all I can do is hope and Pray 'cause heaven knows

My friends keep tellin me That if you really love her
You've gotta set her free
And if she returns in kind I'd know she's mine
So tell me where do I start Cause it breaking my heart
Don't wanna let her go

Maybe my love will come Back someday
Only heaven knows
And maybe our heart will Find a way
Only heaven knows
And all I can do is hope and Pray 'cause heaven knows

Why I live in despair' Cause wide away or Dreaming
I know she's never there And all this time I act so brave
I'm shaking inside Why it does hurt me so

Maybe my love will come Back someday
Only heaven knows
And maybe our heart will Find a way
Only heaven knows
And all I can do is hope and Pray 'cause heaven knows

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Went to Flix pub last night. Well, its sucks that they not allowed me to go in. Reason given was too crowded inside and worried about my safety. What to do? then the waitress arranged us to sit outside. We opened a Chivas whisky and drank. My housemate seem quite close with the waitress, and she kept saying sorry to him and touched his chin, LOL. Anyway, felt a bit guilty as they couldnt go in as well because they didnt want to leave me alone out there. Then we just sat there, drank, chat and looked the people passed-by.

There was some party and event inside and it was really crowded. After 12 midnight it was already fulled and people could only go in if there was anyone inside there came out. We saw some guys who couldnt go in were just dance out there at the corridor. There were a lot of girls as well. Most of them wearing sexy and having good figure. Anyway, i only saw one or two that match my taste.

We sat there for 4 hours and then went for supper. I reached home around 4am morning. Well, it was not too bad for me. But i think i wont go pub again except they able to make sure i can go in. Its not good to make my friends cant enjoy themselves by sitting outside with me. :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Last night went for dinner with my ex-coursemate and senior. In fact planned to go pub after that. However, their planning is not well and end up that i was left out. We separated after dinner and would contact through phone. Eventually everyone called me when they were already on their way and I dont know how to go to ChillOut. Therefore i decided not to join them but my housemate. He planned to go Glo. But there is no place to sit in Glo. So he said he will bring me to Flix to night. Anyway, I not really like clubbing actually. But i hope can change a bit my life style to see more and know more friends. Its sucks to stay in home and thinking for rubbish.

I had a talk with my ex-coursemate, FF, in car for more than 1 hour in car after dinner. She told me a lot of her problems, particularly love troubles. A lot of guys try to date her but she doent interest in them. However, those guys keep doing something that affects her life, this made her in vex now. I am wondering are those guys so "not" attractive? I think shdould be one or two of them is nice and cute. The answer she gave me is 'feel' very important. All those guys cannot give her the urge to be together with any of them. That makes me wondering, what is 'feel'?

What if the guy you have feel with is a bad one? If you and him/her quarrel everyday, is feel helping to peace the situation? is feel still there after 2 years of quarrel? ...... hmmm... anyway, i dont think there is a good answer for them, 'feel', is weird.

Then i start to wonder am i able to give anyone 'feel'. Everyone is telling me 'you are a good guy, you can find your love one one day" since 5-6 years ago. Well, i not saying that statement is wrong, but at least it is not aboe to be proved true as well until i really meet one. But from the past few years' experience, I realized that i cannot give that kind 'feel' to a girl. There are too many nice guys out there to choose, girls (at least most of them) would not take risk to spend their time with me. Everyone is busy, nobody have time to check out your true personalities, outlook and action are still very important.

Of course, sure there are still girls that can appreciate guys like me, but i think these girls are really a minority, plus i have to give them the 'feel', maybe its easier to strike lottery, LOL. I am not pessimistic. I just like to analyze. I will still looking for the girl, the girl that is harder to find than strike a lottery. :)

Friday, July 21, 2006


My friends are plannig to go pub tonight, but not sure they able to confirm or not. hmmm.... never go there before, maybe is good to see how is it actually :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Can I survive?

Early morning i had heard a bad news from colleague. My company is going to lay off another 9k employees (its not officially announced yet). This news is really affecting most people working mood. Everyone is worrying whether they will be affected. Well, can i survive this time? i dont know, as my performance is only hit the expectation. I really dont want to leave Penang. I havent prove to my parents yet i am able to live alone in a good and nice condition...... and, i dont want to leave LT as well, at least until she found someone can take care of her...... Hopefully the news is only a rumour.

Wish me good luck.

Hope or another illusion?

Called LT as she needed my help to tanslate some english sentences into mandarin. After that we had some talks. Well, i dont really know what she want to express actually. Is she mean that i still have hope to be together with her if i keep going to woo her? or she actually didnt mean anything, but only another illusion that i give myself?

Her voice was so gentle and soft in the phone. I really dont want to give up her actually, but what i can do if she refuse to open her heart to me? ..... Well, i feel that is better dont think so much now. I will just treat her as a friend first and see hows thing going. If possible i will still hope that miracle can happen so she can fall in love with me for my persistence and sincerity. Anyway, the most important is still she can get a guy who she really love and can rely on him for the rest of her life. :) i should be happy if she is happy.

Love is sweet if you can forgive the one who hurts you, love the one who loves you.

Enigma and Margerate

I met 2 of my net friends from Penang Cari group chat just now. I only dated Enigma actually. As my car was sent to hospital, I asked Michael (monkeys head) to send me to Tesco to meet him. I was reached around 1.5 hour earlier than promised time, 7pm. So i went to shop my daily needs stuff. I bought a lot today, feel that buying is really a good way to vent. I bought a pan for cooking. Hmmm... to cook instant mee actually ..LOL.

I met Enigma as promised and had dinner with him at Chicken Rice shop. He is tall. He is quite a guy who good to talk with. He got his own clear plan for future, this is good nowadays as many people actually dont know what they want. In the middle of dining i saw a girl walked towards us. Well, i was quite surprise that as i felt that the girl looks familiar. Until she sat beside me i only recalled that she is margerate, i ever saw her photo before. She is wearing a short skirt and blouse. Her look is ok, and very thin. Enigma was the one told her we were there. Anyway, i didnt talk much with her, i am just sucks when talk with girl..... She left us and joined her family after a short while. After dinner Enigma sent me back to home. Thats ended my gathering.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My car been assasinated

Today i lended my car to my colleague for him to buy biscuits in town. Well, he said he felt uneasy to trouble me. i told him thats fine, and he said he worry if anything happen to my car then terrible. Then i joked with him that if accident he pay the expence for repair.

I asked him to buy lunch for me. After he went out some time he miss called me. I thought he came back already and went to cafeteria to wait for him. But he didnt show up for 20 minutes. Finally he called me up and told me that he was in mechanic shop because my car was been assasinated, LOL. He parked my car at roadside near his apartment and went up to put his biscuits. When he came back my car was already injured. The front bumper was hit by a motorcycle and broken. Well, of course, the assasin was fled...... My colleague said he will pay the expence for replacing the bumper. I didnt reject that.

Anyway, I feel it is better to share with him for the expence. I will inform him tomorrow.

Learn to be friend

Well, i decided to learn to just treat LT as a friend. The fact is a fact, I failed to make her to fall in love with me. I know this is hard. I see quite many similar cases before, most of guys would just decide to never see their girl again. Anyway, i just want to be her side until she can find her true love which is able to take care of her. LOL, seem i need to learn how to lie and act, to keep my true feeling towards her. Hopefully i can do it :)

So tired

So tired... tired... tired... tired.....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

sms sms sms

Surprisingly got ET sms tonight. Quite long time didnt get her sms since she graduated and works in KL. She broken her beloved bottle and mood was affected as well. Thus she sms me to have some chat. After couple of sms she was getting better and we start to talk about our life. This remind me 4 years ago when i and her were so closed and sms everyday and night. That was a sweet time for both of us. Well, the time had became a memory for us. After 2 hours of sms, my mood was became better as well. Recall the sweet memory really made me smile sincerely tonight :) It was already few weeks time i didnt really feel like that. Thanks ET.

Penang Cari Group Chat

Joined the group chat around 2 weeks ago. Its a good place to talk rubbish actually. LOL.... knowing quite some funny guyz there. Enigma, the one i talked most; then Margerate, a simple and cute little girl; Huisy, well, no comment; Kitty and Dragon... They are really help me a lot to spend my time with chit-chat so i would not think too much. Last night there was a small matter that made us not happy for a while, but it was settled peacefully. hmmm.... well, feel glad and appreciate to know them.

Monday, July 17, 2006

What you would answer if you were me?

Well, just called LT. Its more than a week i didnt talk with her. She told me about her admirer. I knew about this guy quite some time as he is wooing her couple of months already. He is mature (31 yrs old - should be right?), rich (having SGD$80000 - consider rich right?), caring and etc. She disclosed that she has some feeling on the guy but due to some reason she doesnt want to be attached yet. Then she asked me, should she accept the guy..... hmmmm... if you were me, what you would answer?

I only told her that, accept the guy you love, or at least, a guy that suitable to you. Even though i tried to control myself, but i knew that my tones were changed. The answer deep inside my heart might be the other way round. I still cant really let her go yet. My heart is still loving her. Maybe thats the reason i failed, i am weak. But i know that, i hope she can get a guy she really love, and together with him happily for the rest of her life. Well, just i am not the lucky one.

A poor presentation

Well, today gave a presentation to my group on a case i did last 2 months. Anyway, I am sucks in explaining thing to many people at same time. All of them didnt understand what i was talking, until my manager had to come out to explain for me. :( sigh... have to work hard to overcome this

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bon Odori Celebration

"Bon festival" is the Buddhist observance honoring the spirits of ancestors; traditionally observed from 13-15 August (July in some areas). It is also calledd Urabon or Obon. It is a Buddhist festival in honor of the spirits of the dead, who return once a year to visit their families.

Typically at Bon, a "spirit altar" (Shoryodana) is set up in front of the butsudan (Buddhist family altar) to welcome the ancestors' souls; then a priest is requested to come and read a sutra.

Among the traditional preparations for the ancestors' return are the cleaning of grave sites and preparing a path fron them to the house and provision of straw horses or oxen for the ancestors' transportation.

Bon Odiri is performed to entertain the spirits of the ancestor. Bon and the New Year are the two high point of Japanese festival calendar. On both occasions, custom strongly urges all members of a family no matter how scattered, to gather together to honour their ancestors.
(source - The Kodansha bilingual Encyclopedia of Japan)

Anyway, I would say that the programs performed this year is a bit boring and couldnt really attract young people. The location is bad also. The half field is covered by mud and made visitors dirty. Cancelation of fireworks presentation due to safety reason (there is a petrol station nearby) was a big disappointment, as most people were came for it. Hopefully they can do it better next year as they will change the location back to Gurney Drive...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Yippe! Saturday

LOL, finally its Saturday again. I planned quite some programs today. At noon i need to go my friend there to borrow a wheel chair and have lunch with her. After that i might hang around nearby. At evening time i need to go fetch my colleagues for Bon Odori Charity Carnival. Hopefully the carnival is cool... I will update about the Bon Odori later. Yeah~~

Friday, July 14, 2006


Well, today is quite a serious day in my company. My CEO finally announced that 1000 managers worldwide will be retrenched. Felt lucky actually because i am no affected at all. From company perspective, my company is already too big and lost its agility. Retrenchment is good to boost up again company decision making efficiency and make management easier. However, i still feel pity on those who are affected. They only have 2 weeks to pack their thing and leave. hmmm.... the world is realistic, after all.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Past", is for you to grow, not for you to "hold"

I read an article from Nanyang online, i feel it is very meaningful to some people who concern, so i try to translate it here :

A lot of people came find me and said that they are not happy, due to some mistakes done before or wrong decisions; or not dare to love again due to hurt from previous relationship; or criticised by others, betrayed by friends, until cant trust anyone again; or feel less self confident due to childhood experiences...... etc.

Some of them feel that "unfortunate" will accompanies them forever, so they afraid of having "happiness", face with "happiness". In fact, they cant forget the past, always keeping themselves in the past moment and old memories. Holding the past, because they dont know how to forgive others, and they even want to punish themselves, refuse to live with "happiness".

Dear, past and present are two different worlds. If we only hold the "hurt" from past, it only will keep hurting us. If there is a little bit happy or sweet moment from the past, please reveal them and let them fulfill your heart. You will find out that the "past" is worth to be remember, as it gave you encouragement to grow in frustration, improve your intelligent, it is a good and crucial period in your life.

"Past", is for you to grow, not for you to "hold"

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

SCC gathering

Attended a gathering organized by my university course juniors. SCC - Computer engineering, a course that i quite proud of because the relationship between coursemates and seniors juniors is always closed (at least its still maintained when i left UTM).

KL was there (refer my old message to know who is she :) ). She is still pretty and gorgeous like a princess. Her bf is my junior as well, is going to australia to do his master next week. He is a clever and nice guy. A lot of juniors were there, TM, KM, YJ, TT, SL... There were some juniors who are doing practical in Penang as well, like Esther, Terry, Boon Chai... Quite happy to meet them, as i really didnt see them very long time already.

Surprisingly i met my senior, Jenny there. She quit from Altera last year and went back to Kuala Lumpur. Tonight i only know that she came back to Altera again, LOL... She helped me a lot when i first went in UTM. Feel happy to see her. Met Beng kiat there as well.

Tonight is a good night. LOL.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Madam Lim and Mr.Foong

There are few teachers I cant forget during my primary school time, Mdm.Lim and Mr.Foong are two of the teachers I miss most. Both of them taught me during my primary 2. Mdm.Lim was the teacher in charge of my class while Mr.Foong was responsibled for our sports class. Why they are so significant to me? LOL ....

Mdm.Lim was the teacher taught us how to write a letter and post it to the receiver. Her assignment that time was we must write a letter and post it to her within 2 months time and she would reply us the letter through post as well. It was exciting for me that time as that was the first time i have a chance to write a letter. Anyway, i only remember that i wrote some unrelated rubbish and cant really recall the content now, LOL.... Mdm.Lim is a kind teacher, friendly and pretty as well (i think so, cant really recall her look already). I remember that if there were free time in class she would hold me to walk all around in the class. She said i must walk more and always so i could walk myself one day in future. LOL, i didnt really understand her that time, as i didnt really realised my disabilities that time... (hmm.. was I an idiot that time? LOL.. i really think so... :p)

Mr.Foong on the other hand was the first teacher brought me to join the sports class. Previously (and afterward as well, after Mr.Foong left my school) I used to sit in the classroom during sports class while all my classmates did their games in either garden or basketball court. He would carry me to the garden or basketball court and put me there to see the others. Well, and i finally found that actually many of them were lazed to sports and just sit around to talk... hehehe...

LOL, Tell you an advantage (err... might not be, as i never benefit from it) of not joining sports and just sit in classroom. Lots of girls actually lazy to change their sport cloths in toilet and always just do it in classroom. They used to shut off all the door and windows (with curtains) and change their cloths inside, with few of them guard at the door. As they couldnt chase me out, they would just ask me to close my eyes when they did it. Anyway, who would care to see them as i was just a small kid? LOL .... but the ridiculous thing is this happened once a while during my secondary school time as well :S But i never took a peek on them, even i never have a thought on that. I wonder why too, as some of them were quite pretty... a bit regret now, LOL....

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mother's call

My mother gave me a call yesterday. Well, they seem still worry about my life in Penang. My diet, the cleanings, work... I am all alone here after all, no friends living nearby, no girlfriend, no close neighbours, i think thats why they cant really be relief after my one year in Penang.

My mother asked about LT. They met once last year when my Parents visited me in Penang. She asked me whether I still meet up LT often. Well, I am not sure whether they expected that LT is my girlfriend, or maybe they hope that she is. Anyway, she seem quite disappointed with my answer. I told her that LT is busying with her work and we didnt meet each other for around 4-5 months already. I felt sorry for her, as I failed to get her a great daughter-in-law. I think they like LT very much.

Anyway, I will try to make my life better to release them from worrying about me. I am sorry mom n dad.

The day for Italians

Well, it was a surprise that Zidane would do the stupid header on Materazzi's chest. This really put France into a worse condition to win the game in 120 minutes. Definitely France couldnt beat Italy in penalties as Buffon is better than Barthez. But seem that Trezeguet was the one put France in a lost. Anyway, Italy got its 4th Worlc Cup champion. Thats end the one month run of World Cup fatique. LOL.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Messy life

My life is in a mess during weekend recently. Watch football til late night, sleep til late morning, sit in front of pc for more than 10 hours a day, skip breakfast, lunch (may bite some bread), dinner, then take food near midnight.... well, i just dont have to feel to eat and sleep... hmmm... how long this condition have to last long? .... hopefully by this month, i think i already at the edge

Saturday, July 08, 2006

mIRC day

Well, didnt go out today. Its kind of boring to stay in home. My favorite series LOST season II was repeated start from episode 1 this afternoon. Is that mean the season II finished?

Logged-in to my mIRC today after 6 months. Well, i not really like mIRC as people in there seem so messy, cant really know friends. Anyway, after throwed rubbish message for 2 hours there i managed to know 2 Sg.Petani and a Penang girls there. I tried to know some guys there, including a sissy, but seem they only interest to chat with girls.

Christiana is the most friendly girl among them. She chat quite a lot with me and i feel she is a nice girl. She is pretty as well, LOL. Next girl is Elicia. She is young, only 20, cheerful and sporting as well. Surprisingly both of them are studying E&E and from Sg.Petani. The last one is CuiCui. She is cute. I thought she is married as she put her marital status as married in friendster. LOL, well, its fake information. Didnt chat much with her as she was consuming her favorite drama series.

Tonight will be World Cup third place match, Germany vs Portugal... hmm... which team will win?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Congratulation to Agnes

My colleague, Agnes, is going to register with her boyfriend, Max, on Sunday. Her father is an officer of registration in JB and all his kids are registered by himself. He is going to retired next month, after he registered his last daughter :), how sweet it is...

Well, congratulation to you Agnes. Wish you have a good marriage life. You seem a bit demanding sometime, but you are definitely a good wife. It is not easy to get someone that you really want to stay together for the rest of your life. Appreciate it :)


There is a lady in my company that i feel she looks like LT. Well, she is just like LT's shadow to me. I dont think i will have a chance to know her, and i not really feel want to know her as well. It is better to just look at her from far, and this quite release me from the miss of LT. I think the lady is an operator in my company and older than me. I see her in cafe often. LOL, my colleague asked me looking at who just now when i was observing her. I just say looking at nothing and laugh at him. Then they teased at me that i sure admiring someone there. LOL, he only correct half, the shadow is there, but the one is not there :)

I think the lady is a consolation prize from fate, at least it give me a shadow when i think i cant see LT again. Feel grateful for that.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

New friends?

This 2 days i tried to know few friends from forum. I managed to know a lady name Lilian. She is kind, cheerful, and friendly. She told me she always has an idol and will go for their concert, music show and etc. to support him. she said this help her to keep herself young as she is able to interact with young fans. Well, i admire her determination on supporting idol, LOL, what a cute lady.

Lilian also introduced her friend, Sam, to me. She is married and has a 19 months old cute daughter. She is friendly as well and is daring lady. She said her thinking is just like a man. I like this kind of women as they are always sporting and easy-going. Anyway, i think i said something offended her today and hopefully she wont take it into heart.

Besides the 2 nice ladies, i added a cool guy into my messenger list. He is cool as his nickname, jincool. Even though there are dozen of pretty ladies trying their best to get close to him, but he only loves and focus on the lady he like. From his blog, he seem often clubbing and watch movies. I am thinking whether it is possible to become his good friend as i am thinking want to change my life style now.

Anyway, i am trying. I feel my life is a bit lost of direction after LT's rejection. Maybe make some big change in my life can help me to know what am i actually. Missing a person is always tough and torture, hopefully by making more friends able to rescue me from that. :)

Cerebral Palsy - My cause of disabilities

Cerebral palsy or CP is the most common childhood physical disability. It is a permanent physical condition that affects movement. A new international consensus definition has been proposed: "Cerebral palsy (CP) describes a group of disorders of the development of movement and posture, causing activity limitation that are attributed to non-progressive disturbances that occurred in the developing fetal or infant brain. The motor disorders of cerebral palsy are often accompanied by disturbances of sensation, cognition, communication, perception, and/or behavior, and/or by a seizure disorder” (Rosenbaum et al, 2005)".

The incidence in developed countries is approximately 2-2.5 per 1000 live births. Incidence has not declined over the last 60 years despite medical advances like electro-fetal monitoring. Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive disorder, however secondary orthopaedic deformities are common for example, hip dislocation and scoliosis of the spine. There is no known cure; medical intervention, Conductive Education (w) has been shown to be helpful. These treatments focus on developing the person's participation in everyday life, and not 'fixing' their impairments. While severity varies widely, cerebral palsy ranks among the most costly congenital conditions to manage.

Cerebral palsy is an "umbrella term" in that it refers to a group of different conditions. It has been suggested that no two people with CP are alike even if they have the same diagnosis. Cerebral palsy is divided into four major classifications to describe the different movement impairments. These classifications reflect the area of brain damaged. The four classifications are: (1) Spastic; (2) Athetoid; (3) Ataxic and (4) Mixed.

Spastic cerebral palsy is further classified by topography, dependent on the region of the body affected. These typography classifications include:
(1) hemiplegia (one side being more affected than the other);
(2) diplegia (the lower body being more affected than the upper body); and
(3) quadriplegia (All four limbs affected equally).

Cerebral palsy can occur during pregancy (~75%), at birth (~5%) or after birth (~15%). 80% of causes are unknown. For the small number where cause is known this can include infections, malnutrition, and significant head injury in very early childhood. (source wikipedia)

I think my condition is classified as Spastic, but i not sure is diplegia or quadriplegia, as my lower part body was more affected while all four my limbs are affected.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

World Cup fatigue

This 2 days would be World Cup semifinal matches. Well, sudden change on my sleep and wake time make myself so tired. Last night try to sleep around 8pm and planned to wake around 1.30am. But i couldnt fall into deep sleep. I was in half awake until 1.30am when my handphone alarm rang. Now I am so sleepy :(

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Meaningful quotes

You may delay, but time will not
-- Franklin

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong attitude
-- Thomas Jefferson

We must do the best we can with what we have.
-- Edward Rowland Sill

A packed day

Its over 12 midnight now, so should I say "yesterday" was a pakced day? Well, i think i would just refer it as "today" (3rd July) here :)

i think i had some fun today. We had teambuilding for whole FA group today in the evening. The teambuilding was started with a long waiting for our lunch. Well, the reason was KFC deliverer get lost and couldnt find our company :( LOL.... i thought my company is very famous around this area, seem it is not :p

All people were grouped into 6 groups with each group consisted of 11 members. I was in group 6 and very "lucky", i was same group with my boss :( . Anyway, dont misunderstand, he is a nice guy, but i just cant get relax when he is around :p There was a pretty girl name HuiFang in my group too :D, and a young guy from Shanghai name XiaoFeng. One of the monkey (please refer my previous post) was same group with me as well. She gave me a surprise as she did very good in Hula Hoop contest, LOL, she played it for more than a minute, cool~~

The final result showed my group was same point with another group for the third place. So how to decide which group would get the third prize? LOL, our cute commitees came out with the "paper scissors stone" challenge :-/ Well, 2 groups had to send out 5 members and which group able to defeat 3 opponent members was the third prize winner. LOL, what a "fair game". Anyway, my group was won, and i able to bring back a lot of chocolates :)

After the teambuilding was around 5.30pm. I asked my friend come to get me as i need her to help me to collect my post express in town. Well, i still not dare to drive into town, the traffic is horrible. She late for 1 hour :'( sobs sobs...... We met at around 6.30pm and we decided to go for dinner first. We went to a japanese restaurant. The food is not bad. A senior (from my university) joined us during the dinner. I think i had not meet him for 3 years already. He is quite funny :) Good to talk guy.

After dinner we went to get the post. LOL, its a jacket from my credit card company. Its a special edition World Cup 2006 Holland team jacket. I like it very much. The senior was brought us to Tari Cafe as well and we chat there for around an hour. The cafe decoration is good, i think its quite a cheap and romantic place for couples. My senior caught eyes on few sexy girls passed by there, but everytime when I turned my head there they were gone :(

After reached my company to get my car, we decided to visit my friend's office. I quite surprised with her colleagues creativity as they really spent time to decorate their office. All the flags, World Cup logo, dolls, pictures.... these things are really cheer up the dull working environment. Cool~~ I saw my housemate's cubicle is full with McDonald puppy dolls, LOL

I reached home around 12 midnight. Today is a quite packed day for me, however it was not rushed. I think its good to do like this often. :) LOL, i have to take my shower now and sleep. Good night!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dont worry, Be happy

There were lots of unhappy event happened recently. Almost fall into sick last night, luckily now feel better. Anyway, eveything will be fine right? :) No matter what, life have to be carrying on.

Bye Bye Brazil

My beloved Brazil was sent out from Germany World Cup final this morning. Well, I have to say that France was performed better than Brazil and is deserved for the victory, even though they were very much depended on Zidane alone. Seem that Brazil is still not able to break the curse to beat France in World Cup finals. The players were not aggressive, lost of direction and too conservative. Zidane beaten Ronaldhino, Ribery beaten Roberto Carlos, and Ronaldo/Kaka/Adriano seem were not played in the game at all. What a disappointing result. Sigh...

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why we cry

My junior talked with LT and she told me that LT really feels we are not suitable and cannot fall in love with me. Well, I think i should stop to have any dream on her anymore and just be her good friend. Love cant be forced, and i also learned that sincerity cant guarantee love to you too. I just hope that she will be fine for the rest of her life and able to meet her Mr.Right soon.

My mood of course was terribled for this 2 days. I would like to cry but I failed. This makes me recall the song i attached above (i try to give a brief on the lyrics above if you cant understand the song). Basically i stop crying after around 12 years old. Sometime when i really sad and i would try to force myself to cry. Cry is the best way to release unhappiness and balance up my emotion. However, seem most of the time i could only squeeze out couple drops of tear.

Anyway, I am fine :) no need to worry about me (if you do)