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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why we cry

My junior talked with LT and she told me that LT really feels we are not suitable and cannot fall in love with me. Well, I think i should stop to have any dream on her anymore and just be her good friend. Love cant be forced, and i also learned that sincerity cant guarantee love to you too. I just hope that she will be fine for the rest of her life and able to meet her Mr.Right soon.

My mood of course was terribled for this 2 days. I would like to cry but I failed. This makes me recall the song i attached above (i try to give a brief on the lyrics above if you cant understand the song). Basically i stop crying after around 12 years old. Sometime when i really sad and i would try to force myself to cry. Cry is the best way to release unhappiness and balance up my emotion. However, seem most of the time i could only squeeze out couple drops of tear.

Anyway, I am fine :) no need to worry about me (if you do)

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