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Friday, July 07, 2006


There is a lady in my company that i feel she looks like LT. Well, she is just like LT's shadow to me. I dont think i will have a chance to know her, and i not really feel want to know her as well. It is better to just look at her from far, and this quite release me from the miss of LT. I think the lady is an operator in my company and older than me. I see her in cafe often. LOL, my colleague asked me looking at who just now when i was observing her. I just say looking at nothing and laugh at him. Then they teased at me that i sure admiring someone there. LOL, he only correct half, the shadow is there, but the one is not there :)

I think the lady is a consolation prize from fate, at least it give me a shadow when i think i cant see LT again. Feel grateful for that.

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