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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My car been assasinated

Today i lended my car to my colleague for him to buy biscuits in town. Well, he said he felt uneasy to trouble me. i told him thats fine, and he said he worry if anything happen to my car then terrible. Then i joked with him that if accident he pay the expence for repair.

I asked him to buy lunch for me. After he went out some time he miss called me. I thought he came back already and went to cafeteria to wait for him. But he didnt show up for 20 minutes. Finally he called me up and told me that he was in mechanic shop because my car was been assasinated, LOL. He parked my car at roadside near his apartment and went up to put his biscuits. When he came back my car was already injured. The front bumper was hit by a motorcycle and broken. Well, of course, the assasin was fled...... My colleague said he will pay the expence for replacing the bumper. I didnt reject that.

Anyway, I feel it is better to share with him for the expence. I will inform him tomorrow.

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