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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A packed day

Its over 12 midnight now, so should I say "yesterday" was a pakced day? Well, i think i would just refer it as "today" (3rd July) here :)

i think i had some fun today. We had teambuilding for whole FA group today in the evening. The teambuilding was started with a long waiting for our lunch. Well, the reason was KFC deliverer get lost and couldnt find our company :( LOL.... i thought my company is very famous around this area, seem it is not :p

All people were grouped into 6 groups with each group consisted of 11 members. I was in group 6 and very "lucky", i was same group with my boss :( . Anyway, dont misunderstand, he is a nice guy, but i just cant get relax when he is around :p There was a pretty girl name HuiFang in my group too :D, and a young guy from Shanghai name XiaoFeng. One of the monkey (please refer my previous post) was same group with me as well. She gave me a surprise as she did very good in Hula Hoop contest, LOL, she played it for more than a minute, cool~~

The final result showed my group was same point with another group for the third place. So how to decide which group would get the third prize? LOL, our cute commitees came out with the "paper scissors stone" challenge :-/ Well, 2 groups had to send out 5 members and which group able to defeat 3 opponent members was the third prize winner. LOL, what a "fair game". Anyway, my group was won, and i able to bring back a lot of chocolates :)

After the teambuilding was around 5.30pm. I asked my friend come to get me as i need her to help me to collect my post express in town. Well, i still not dare to drive into town, the traffic is horrible. She late for 1 hour :'( sobs sobs...... We met at around 6.30pm and we decided to go for dinner first. We went to a japanese restaurant. The food is not bad. A senior (from my university) joined us during the dinner. I think i had not meet him for 3 years already. He is quite funny :) Good to talk guy.

After dinner we went to get the post. LOL, its a jacket from my credit card company. Its a special edition World Cup 2006 Holland team jacket. I like it very much. The senior was brought us to Tari Cafe as well and we chat there for around an hour. The cafe decoration is good, i think its quite a cheap and romantic place for couples. My senior caught eyes on few sexy girls passed by there, but everytime when I turned my head there they were gone :(

After reached my company to get my car, we decided to visit my friend's office. I quite surprised with her colleagues creativity as they really spent time to decorate their office. All the flags, World Cup logo, dolls, pictures.... these things are really cheer up the dull working environment. Cool~~ I saw my housemate's cubicle is full with McDonald puppy dolls, LOL

I reached home around 12 midnight. Today is a quite packed day for me, however it was not rushed. I think its good to do like this often. :) LOL, i have to take my shower now and sleep. Good night!

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