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Sunday, July 30, 2006

One day Penang trip with Forum friends

My junior came to Penang yesterday morning to visit me meanwhile joining a net-friends gathering. She knew all those net-friends in Coool Forum. As i was free i joined them for one day Penang trip as well. But with the police call i really felt my mood got spoilted.

Our meet started in Auto-city. We had our lunch there. There were quite number of them, around 10. Half of them are guys. After lunch we went to Penang Bird Park. Well, it has quite number of species of birds inside. There are more than 300 species in the park according to park's staff. However, the entrance fee is a bit high and i feel is not worth for visiting :).

After came out from bird park we lost their track. Then I and my junior called them and finally decided to go back island and meet them again around 6pm for steamboat dinner. We went to buy some stuff in Tesco, then straight went for the steamboat shop. I checked for Penang map from wikimapia and I drove according the road i thought is fastest. But too bad one path i chosen is actually a one way road in reverse direction of my interest and i couldnt continue my planned route. After couples of turns we got lost.

Well, we called them again and and they asked us to meet in Tesco. :( it was good if we just stayed in Tesco before that! ... The worst part was we couldnt find a road to go into Tesco from Jelutong express highway, and we mis-chosen a road to go up Penang Bridge! .... :( We lost RM 7 toll fee for nothing. Finally we met them around 7pm and followed them to the steamboat restaurant. After dinner we went to Gurney Plaza. It was around 10.30pm and most shop were closing. I dated few of my colleagues to watch movie "Dragon Tiger Gate"and so I and my junior left them. The movie is not bad. After movie and finally i reached my bed around 2.30am... It was really a tired day.

I will post the photoes of gathering once i got them :)

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