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Friday, December 22, 2006


today i used CIMB internet banking to top up my mobile phone again. And again, error happened. The problem was solved. But i managed to confirm one thing. When i called the service center, the receptionist ask for my mother maiden name again. I answered LT immediately and the answer is CORRECT!!! (-.-") .....

Johor flood

Johor is experiencing the most serious flood over last 100 years. Around few thousands people were evacuated. I called my dad last night to check out whether they are fine. I am happy to know that all of them are fine and my home is not affected at all. Anyway, heard from my dad that my 2nd brother had argument with his wife and she throwed my nephew on the roads and caused minor injury to him. Speechless. The reason was just my brother refused to give her money to go KL for vacation. Anyway, fortunately everyone is fine now.

I called LT as well as i didnt see her online for quite some time. I worried that she was affected by the flood. Fortunately she is fine as well. Her house there is not affected. I am happy to know that she was promoted. Good for her. Her voice is still so nice to hear, but sound tired. I dont know how to describe my feel when talking phone with her. Its too complicated i think. I am missing her now :) wish her all the best

RM90 meal

Its christmas and new year festive season now. Everyone is in holidays mood and waiting for the countdown moment. I received 3 gift exchange event this week. The 1st one was last night, with Huey Wen and her friends; 2nd one today, with my colleagues within same department; 3rd one tomorrow, with Love forum friends.

Well, last night gift exchange was a bit funny. Me and Huey Wen left lab and reached her friend, Kok Lim's home around 6.30pm. After short while Chris came. We departed after Kok Lim was ready. All 4 of us sat in Kok Lim's car. Along the journey Kok Lim and Chris were arguing and teasing each other, made the journey full of laugh and noise, LOL.

In the car they still arguing where to have our dinner and exchange gift. After 10 minutes of arguement we decided to go Mr.Ho Dining (in fact i never heard the restaurant name) beside Northam Hotel. When we reached there i saw its a small building with europe style of design. Kok Lim parked his car outside and we walked across the car park towards the restaurant. Along the walk i noticed that there is no 'Mr.Ho Dining' signboard. I am puzzled and asked Kok Lim regarding this, but he seem puzzled as well. There are 2 signboard there 'Hardwrick' and 'Apple Computing center'. I thought Mr.Ho Dining is a alternative name people used to refer to it.

Before we reached the entrance, 2 waiters already came out and open dorr for us. As we go into the building, we saw the environment is very nice - with dim lights, candles, christmas trees and festive decoration. Ya, we knew that something wrong.

After sat down Kok Lim asked the supervisor why the decoration changed, and then we only knew that Mr.Ho Dining was moved back to KL and that is a new restaurant call 'Hardwrick' (anyway, i hope i spell the name correctly). Well, we were the first customers last night, the whole restaurant was empty. The funniest part was everyone's expression changed after looked at the menu ==" except for soup, the cheapest stuff is RM25! Set dinner starts with RM78+. Most main course starts from RM50+. The cheapest drink is RM10. Sweat......

Kok Lim started gossip with Chris as he knows that Chris and Huey Wen are thrifty ladies that never ate expensive food like this. He proposed to them we can leave if they felt the meal is too expensive. Anyway, the ladies said that it was shame if left the place after looked at the menu. And since they never try high class restaurant before, we decided to stay.

The service is not bad, the waiters are all trained with knowledge of western meal procedures and serving. The order of course, the placement of spoon, knife, and others are strictly followed. Since i knew the meal would be expensive, i decided to take the most expensive course - grilled beef steak with half done.

We finished everything around one hour time, due to the way they serve - following classic western food order. Along the time some customers came. All the customers seem are rich people with nice gown, expensive blouse, shirt, skirt.... we were the only table with t-shirts, jeans, some more we came straight after work, without bath and make up..... really funny... hehehe

We took around RM250, including 15% tax. My part was the most expensive, RM90. Yeah, really sweat. I think this is the most expensive meal i ever take for myself alone. But the most expensive meal i ever paid was last year christmas's eve lunch, which i had together with LT. I forgot how much was that but i think is more than RM120 for both of us. It was really one of the sweetest moment i ever had :D

Merry christmas!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

KL-PG Cari Love Forum Gathering (9th December 2006)

This was a very good experience for me to go KL with them, friends known from previous love gathering in Penang. We knew each other in the gathering, from strangers until now become good friends, is out of my expectation previously.

Friday night, i got Jouney from Tesco around 11pm. Our bus would wait us around 12.45am at Seberang Jaya. Ya, it was too early for us as we only need 10 minutes to reach there if no jam on bridge. So? i decided to drive in super slow way, 40km/h, LOL. As i was the slowest car on bridge, everyone behind us overtaken my car, until there was almost no car behind me... hehehe...

However, it was also only taken us 20 minutes to reach Pacific Mall. I called Kingfisher immediately to chase them come earlier. After 10 minutes, Kingfisher, Zonlee, and Karen reached. They sneaked into my car then we looked for petrol station for toilet. Surprisingly we we reached the petrol station Kenny was behind us. Coffee Bean, Sagittarian, and LHKPop were in his car. After that we parked our car nearby the place bus would wait us later.

We reached KL Pudu around 5.30am morning. My legs were frozen by the bus air-con. After that we went for some hot drinks while tried to contact Panda who was reached one day earlier than us. Karen left us with her 'relative'? well, i not sure who was that guy. We confirmed Panda the hotel name then took taxi for it. Unfortunately, everyone was shocked when reaching the destination. The so called 'hotel' is actually a renovated double storey shop with very narrow staircase. Everyone was quite dissatisfied with the place. Furthermore it is very not convenient to me. After discussion we decided to find another hotel. Well, we were looked like roovers that time, LOL, carrying bags sitting at road side.

Luckily we met a taxi driver who introduced us an inn. The inn is quite comfortable, however, without a convenient transportation facilities. We had to get taxi everytime we needed to go out. Anyway, it was happy to have a place to rest that time.

I called Yongsoon, my old good friend from secondary school, as we never meet each other for 2 years already. He visited me around 11am. He seem doing great in KL, with new job in Johnson&Johnson, new bought Honda City, and going to be transferred back to JB next month. I am wondering when i only will have such a comfortable life like him. Anyway, he fetched me, Zonlee, Coffee Bean, and Sagi to TimeSquare while Kenny, Kingfisher, Jouney and LHKPop took taxi to go there. At there Coffee Bean brought Sagi to visit around while me and Zonlee went to find the rest of people.

After had our lunch at Kenny Roger (except Sagi and Coffee Bean eaten else place), we went to games corner for games. Around 3pm Panda reached TimeSquare and met us. After that guys were suggested to back Inn for rest before going for the gathering at night. Panda and Kingfisher suggested to go New Way, but too bad canceled as most people wanted to rest.

At 5.30pm me, LHKPop, Zonlee, and Sagi went out again to go Sg.Wang. Kenny was out with his friend, while Coffee Bean was still in rest mode ==. Kingfisher was just reached Inn that time as he went to meet his net friend. We waited for 30 minutes only managed to get a taxi. However, the driver refused to fetched 5 of us altogether. Very sad that Sagi sacrificed herself to stay and would only go the gathering with Coffee Bean and Kingfisher afterward.

We walked from Sg.Wang to Royal then back to TimeSquare. There were crowded with people there and I took a very long walk then. Wow, very tiring man. But I was quite enjoying that, LOL. When we reached TimeSquare StarBucks, we met with Kenny. Kingfisher, Panda, Coffee Bean, and Sagi were ate that time. We planned to go for dinner first, but we surprisingly found that KL members were in the StarBucks already. So? to not let them wait too long we decided to go up first and only buy take away later.

There were quite number of members reached much earlier than us. But as we were not really know each other, KL and PG members were sat separately and shy to communicate. Kenny as our Big brother started the talk first. The first KL member approached us was Ericlooi. Then we met Ms.Brandy, the organizer; Uhuhboy, the deputy of organizer. Slowly the atmosphere was became better with the reaching of Panda. PG and KL members started to talk and communicate. Everything went fine.

Around 11pm the gathering was ending. Inititally Brandy wanted to bring us go for clubbing. However as most people were not interested and it was Saturday night, the pub should be full of people and not convenient to me, so we changed our plan for supper. Karen met us again outside StarBucks eventually. Most KL members were left, except Brandy, Uhuboy and Bluesky.

We reached Inn again at 1.30am. LHKPop was slept off. the rest of us gathered in Kenny's room for chit chat, cards game and beers. We fool around until 5am and then only back for rest.

We checked out Inn next day around 12noon. Then had our lunch at Pudu, and then got on bus to back to Penang.

....... very long post ... spent my one hour again.... tired.. tired....

Friday, December 08, 2006


I used BumiCommerce internet banking system to reload my mobile phone credit today. It showed me the transaction was succeed but i didnt receive any notification that my credit was reloaded. I tried checking my credit balance and it showed me my credit was not reloaded as expected. I thought the system need some time to process it, so I decided to wait.

After 2 hours I still didnt receive any notification. So i called the the service center for explanation. Then the funny thing started. The receptionist started to ask all kind of info to verify my identity, from ATM card number, IC number, my full name, then my mother maiden name. At first i thought i put my mother name as the mother maiden name, but the receptionist told me its not. After think for a while, i request him is there any other way to verify me? as i really cannot recall what name i put. The next question, is even funny, 'what is your memorable date?' ...... errr.... did i really key in answer for these funny question before? ah........

After thought for some time i answered him my birthday, 8th Jan, he said thats not the answer == ..... i started to feel, my 100 ringgits would just gone with these funny questions.... then he tried to remind me whether i put some special date such as my gf's birthday, my mother's birthday, etc. ...... Then i started to think 'dont tell me that i put LT's birthday' .... Ya, with no other choice, i answered him LT's birthday............

Ya, you are right, its her birthday i put ... (-.-") ..... finally he officially said that he finished the verification. Sweat ....... anyway, he said the system had some problem for mobile phone reload service, may need to wait for 2 hours then only process my transaction. Its ok, i wait....

I started to think that, is that possible i put LT's name as my mother maiden name?? .... =="

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Going to Kuala Lumpur for gathering

Tomorrow i will be going to KL to join the first PG-KL love forum joint gathering. There are 11 of us going. Very thanks to Adeline and panda for inviting me, and Zonlee too accompany me to register together, if not i will not dare to go though.
Well this is the first time i go to KLCC in my life, a bit shame to mention this. i think its good to have some walk outside as vacation for me. I am too tired of everything now.... relax first .... :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I had a short talk with my junior, and got mentioned a while about LT. It was quite some time i never contact with LT already. Is she having boyfriend already? hmm..... still will feel sour when thinking of her..... how long time needed so i can really just give her a selfishless wish to have good boyfriend and happy life? .... i need to evolve even more....

Monday, December 04, 2006

Pesta Night

Sunday went out with David, Tee, Pyen, and 23 after sending my broken window car home in Batu Maung. We firstly went to Teluk Kumbar for seafood dinner. It was evening with quite strong sunset. Tee was expose to sunset until her whole face became red, while David kept tease on her.

After dinner they planned to go Gurney Plaza for movie. On the way we passed by Pesta and discovered that Pesta is having fun fair for one month period. They changed their mind to go for fun fair. This was the 3rd time i went to Pesta, a big exhibition area which everytime i walk until my legs pain. There are a lot of temporary shop lots in there, with most of them are telecommunication stuff, cloths and food.

Along the walk i had chance to chat with Tee alone (Didnt know where the other guys gone). She is quite nice to talk with as mentioned by David. After a while finally we met those guys again and continued to explore the place. At the fun fair area, there are quite a lot of extreme games. David and 23 played those games while me, Tee and Pyen just looked at them beside.

We left the place around 11pm.

Money flied for no reason again

Its really unlucky for me recently. Saturday night went to Tambun with David, Pyen, and 23. We parked our cars quite far as there were full of cars there. We had some fun there and chit chat for some time. However, it was really shocked me when we came back to get our car. My driver seat window was broken and inside car was full of smashed glasses.

Before i realised what was happened, 23 asked me whether i hanged my smart tag on windscreen. Ya, then i only recalled that some lowlives smashed my window just for a 100+ ringgits worth smart tag and touch-n-go card. David said that it was lucky because they didnt take away my car. According to him, he can open my Kenari in 10 seconds. ==

With no choice i went to Davod's house in Kulim to sleep. The next day we couldnt get a car shop to replace the window glass as most of them closed on sunday.

This afternoon David's friend, Kelvin came and get my car for replacement and tinted. They recommend me to tint all my window or screen as they would be so easily broken.

By including to money to buy a new smart tag and touch-n-go card, i had spent around 1000 ringgit in 2 days..... what the heck...