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Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 years of blogging

I told myself to create a blog last night before i went for bath, but i was totally forgot after i finished. June 17th was the day i created this blog, and this year, is the 3rd year for me to blog. I rarely read back my blog actually, and i really feel this blog help me to review my past life a lot. You will never realise how much you had changed. But blog always memorize for us what i had gone through. Hopefully i can still continue this blog for years in future.

Monday, June 16, 2008


人生变化无常,是因为人善变,还是环境让人不得不变? 一路走来,发现我的人生转折好多。茫茫的生命旅程似乎激情越来越少。对于工作,朋友,感情,我到底还留有多少期望? 。。。



Sunday, June 08, 2008

Moving to new house

It was almost a month time since my last post here... hehehe... i was too busy with my work, and games ... MU won Champions league and England Premiere League, thats a good news for me. My team for my web game has grow bigger and stronger now, making players around our base area are respecting us. Petrol price went up again, to RM2.70/litre, and my car spent me RM71 for my last petrol fill up. I am now always staying in office to late night, because i dont know what to do in home except playing game.

I am planning to move to other place as our electrical bill for past few months were rocketing higher. It is ridiculous for me, a person without air-con, always stay in office, to pay RM70/month just for electrical usage. It is quite difficult for me to get a suitable house. Anyway, hopefully everything will be fine.