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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Today is Malaysia's 49th years old birthday. I didnt really celebrate today, well, i am just too lazy to do anything now. I played game for whole noon and evening. At night, I got LT instant message said that she already in JB. What else? ... hm... i feel i am not really a humourous guy. Boring to read my blog ya? ... Another thing that i need to take care of now :D be humourous !

Oh gosh, running out of topic, I should talk about Malaysia here right? LOL ... bleh...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Suddenly have the urge to cook, especially soup. In fact I have the idea since last year but I couldnt do it until now. I think i need someone to help me to prepare the materials, especially meat and fish kind of raw material, which i never deal with before. This remind me one of my colleague's shocking declaration. She said she is very enjoying in cook and WASHING DISHES. Cool... I wonder how many girls nowadays do really cook often. Her husband is so lucky and can always enjoy her superb cooking skills. Too bad her husband forbidden her from cooking for other people, especially guys!

I always hope that I can get a wife that enjoying cook, or at least, willing to cook. I never expect a girl who even lazy to cook for her ownself will enjoy cooking for her husband and kids for long term (of course, with whatever I can help. I am not that kind guy who will watch tv or chatting online while wife is busying in kitchen... anyway, its up to you to believe it or not). Ya, its true that she can still cook even she is not enjoying, but dont you think that already lost the meaning on those effort?

I think I will like to cook, or maybe, enjoying in cook. hmm.... but i worry i will burn my house if i do it alone, LOL....


第一次用华语写我的部落格。其实最主要的原因是我不知道“好胜”英文应该叫什么 :S 很糟糕吧。 还好意思在美国公司上班,真是丢人。

昨晚和ET聊了相当长的一段时间,应该有3个小时吧。聊到一半,玩笑开着开着,她突然说我和以前一样好胜,什么都要说赢别人。。。 呵呵,其实这点我早就知道了,就是怎么也改不过来。 回头想想,也就是这股好胜的性格让我熬到今天吧。我的生活一切都比普通人难,如果没有那股死不认输的性格,我想我早就放弃自己了吧。 那我这股好胜的性格到底是好事坏呢? 我也不知道

有时候还真的很矛盾。很多时候话就是那么自动的从口而出,说出来之后才发觉那句话会让人觉得我很爱面子。但我想很多时候我说的话只是说出了我的想法,我应该没有强词夺理吧, 呵呵,可能有但我自己不知道 :P


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Start everything all over again

Suddenly I has a feeling want to start everything in my life all over again. hmmm... maybe have to review my life vision as well. My life for the past 3 months was a bit messy and unorganized. I think its time to review all my plans again.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Very tiring weekend

I just went through a very very tiring weekend.

On friday night i had a dinner with my lab mates during my research time in university. The dinner was quite nice and it was quite happy too as I had never meet them for quite some time. There were 8 of us including KW and Avin's girlfriend.

On saturday, I went to my colleague (she is my junior as well), Ira's wedding in Kepala Batas. I met up my other colleagues before that and had dim-sum as our brunch. I saw my junior Sharon as well, after 3 years since i last met her. Her boyfriend is my colleague + junior as well, LOL. It took more than 1 hour for us to reach the venue. I had driven quite fast on highway to catch their cars and thats really challenging :D , fun too... The funny thing was i drove follow my friend's car into 'touch n go' lane at highway toll and only found that none of us in car having 'touch n go' card. Luckily there was no car behind us and I reversed my car immediately. But the cash paying lane was in long queue, I couldnt reverse my car any further and so I tried to sneak in the queue by put on signal. Then those cars went through one by one with no intention to let me in and somemore waived their hands and smiled on us. :S

As we reached the venue, Ira was just reached as well and the ceremony started. I couldnt really recognize her as she put on some make up and taken off her glasses. After taken some food and photoes we left the place and went to Megamall in Prai. We just wanted to kill some time there as they planned to have seafood dinner in Batu Kawan. I couldnt join them as I promised a friend to attend Tzu Chi charity show in Pesta. Morgan and Kelvin followed me went back early.

We went to fetch YS for dinner and then sent Morgan and Kelvin back. A bit surprise the YS told me that she wants to resign to pursue her master degree. I felt a little sad as I am quite close with her. I not really have many close female colleagues in office. We were slightly late for the show. The most terrible thing is the car park is very very far from the stage. I walked for maybe more than 500 metres to reach there. My shirt was all wet when i sat down in the hall. The show was not bad. I think that was the first time I ever hear a famous taiwan singer sang live in front of me. It was amazing they can sing so well and touching the audience. The show finished around 10pm and I had to walk again back to car park :( . After sending YS back, I rushed back to home and rest. Thats really tired. But the next day I had to go out as well. sobs sobs.

Sunday I went to Pesta again for Tzu Chi charity sales. There was so crowded and jam like hell. The worst part was the map printed on coupon was so misleading. I turned into the wrong path (even though i just went there the night before, how stupid i am). After I came out the the path I joined the terrific jam again. Finally i reach the 'correct' path, but they told me that the entrance was only for exit! Even though that was the only entrance printed on coupons!!! They wanted me to take a big round to enter from the main entrance, which you couldnt find on coupons even though you check them out with microscope. The best part was, the main entrance is actually just 100 metres behind me, but i spent one hour to go into makro to take a turn and came back. That was a sucked planning man.

As i finally parked my car in Pesta, I met my collegue CJ and started to walk around. There were so many stalls until i couldnt visit all of them. We bought and ate and checked out everything we could see there. I had more than RM150 coupons and I really bought a lot of food. Half of the food (I think more than half :P) i gave to Michael, hehehe.....

Ya, That concluded my very tiring weekend. phew ~~ ....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tired ah..... am i going to sick?

Very tired recently.. and always woke up around 5+am..... My colleague told me that may be a sign of going to sick... hmmm ... so sleepy now

No lay-off?

Today's corporate news saying that our CEO announced he will try his best not to lay-off his co-workers, instead, re-deployment is a better choice for him. Yup, this is a good news actually as it may relieve so many of us. Anyway, how far his words can be believed? Hopefully he is really trying his best!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006

Penang 1st Massive Cari Love Forum gathering

Well, I joined Cari Love Forum 1st massive gathering in Penang in saturday. I had been waiting photoes for 2 days to update here but seem the people still not able to upload them. So i think i will just update my blog first and attach photoes later.

There was little girl, Yusin, ride in my car that day. I was a bit shocked when i first looked at her dress :p She was so cute, Kawaii neh.... LOL, but she was a little bit looked like underage, anyway, she is young wat, only 20. She said she just got her scholarship and wanted to buy me the expenses on the gathering BBQ. Ya, since she was so enthusiastic on that, I agreed her. Then she passed me RM50, and what really surprised me was she told me that "It would be good for guy to give the money in front of others". She is young, but seem she is quite understand how to take care of guy's dignity, even though i am really dont mind about who is giving money in front of others.

After fetched her at her house, we went to Makro to wait for Adeline, the organizer. We followed their car and lost them in Greenland. Then Yusin only told me that she felt that she know how to go Seawind =.=" ... At Seawind, the first guy i met was 浮罗仔。It is so surprised that he is only working in my company. After signed up the participants list and paid money, we started to BBQ and eat. Adeline and her sister, Gemin, and their friend, Tze Ling, Bryan, 小虾米,me, yusin and 浮罗仔 were sit surrounding same table. After a while more people came. 变色龙, 无聊笨蛋, 字母怪兽, tkchuan, kslim, kingfisher, hocksoon, karen, angel, 微洁,cindy, winnie..... and a lot more from another gahtering (Cari car team) that held at same place same time (they purposely made it actually).

I left the place after around 1.10pm as yusin must rush back to home by 11pm. According to her, this is her home rule, and can never violate it =.=' .... The others seem stayed there until 1am. I missed a lot of fun thing i think. I talked a lot with yusin in car as there was jam along the road back to her home. We reached her house around 11.15pm, slightly late, but seem still acceptable by her parents. I reached home around 11.40pm and managed to watch the last 10 minutes of Arsenal game, LOL.

It was a quite good experience even though i am quite passive in the gathering not really talked much with all the people. But i still feeling happy, by knowing quite few new friends. :)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Major retrenchment

My company is almost confirmed with major retrenchment in coming few weeks. I think this is the biggest one in history. I wonder how much of them will disappear from here, 10k? 15k? (of course i mean worldwide), thats a lot man....

It is really sucks that we have to carry the effects of lame management and strategy planning they made. We just intaken around 15k of people in last 2 years, isnt that funny?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Retrenchment letter to home?

Just heard that a guy in kulim received retrenchment letter in home. Well, i dont think thats the appropriate way to inform the employee for such news. One of my senior said he felt no problem with that and said thats only my personal view... hmm.... is it? I dont think everyone is really want family know about their retrenchment (for whatever reason they have). Giving the letter in office at least leave the employees a choice to decide whether they want to inform the news to their family. Anyway, thats only my personal opinion.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pulau Ketam gathering -> disappointingly dropped

This is the third time i organize my ex-coursemates gathering. Well, its not that i like to do it but because nobody else willing to take the responsibility. This activity is used to organize by me, yuanwen, kangboon and seowli. However, the participation rate is always low. The first SCC gathering was succeed with 7 participants, 2nd one is better, with 13 participants. This round is a bit bad because with only 7 participants, few of them felt want to pull out. With no choice i think this year the gathering will most probably be canceled. Its quite disappointing actually. I wonder that how long this activity can survive as most of the people treat this event with very low priority. Seowli is furious last night and told me that she doesnt want to do it again in future. Sigh....

First half performance report

I got my first half year 2006 performance feedback last friday. Surprisingly my feedbacks are good and all are positive. There are 2 things that i need to focus and improve :- my presentation skill and be more proactive. Thats thrue that my presentation skill is sucks. I cant really express well in English. About proactiveness.... hmm... i admit that i am not aggressive enough. Anyway, I was really happy with the report :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

What happened in Weekend?

I shocked when i open my blog today. It had been 3 days i didnt update it... hmmm ... was that long? i remembered is only 2 days.. Am i losing my memory again? .. :(

Anyway, i didnt go any place this weekend. Its tired as i went out almost every week last month. Felt want to cut my hairs but lazied to go out.

Last night my housemate's, Raj, car tyre flat but he failed to unscrew the nuts in order to replace it. LOL. He and Adrian (My another housemate) worked on it for an hour but still failed to do it. They put the spanner on tyre nut and both step on it and swung, LOL. But the nut was still tightly sticked on its place without any rotation at all! I wonder how it was screwed on the tyre last time, it was so tight!

Finally Raj called up his rescue team, Jeff and Stephen. After another 30 minutes, eventually the 4 guys defeated the 5 stubborn nuts. LOL.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Short term memory lost --> STML

I have very serious STML recently. I wonder why that would happen. For example today i have been forgotten a lot of things.

1. This morning one of my net-friend say hi to me and then ask me to see her display picture, sincei never know her look. But due to my office only allowing windows messenger that does not support display picture feature, i cant see her picture there. After I came back from lunch, I message her to ask her why she messaged me this morning. The funny part was i recalled it after 10 minutes and message her again to tell her what i recalled. hmmm....

2. My colleague bought me lunch and I thought want to pay her after finished the food. As after finished the food we raised up some discussion and I forgot about it. Then when came out from cafe and walking back to lab, i recalled the payment and thought want to pay her in lab. After I came out from toilet and I totally forgot about that. She talked with me again for 30minutes but i didnt recall anything about the payment. I recalled it again after I reached home and felt want to sms her after bath.... again, forgotten, until now I only recall it!!! because i am writing this blog ... eventually, the sms was sent 5 minutes ago. LOL

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A new couple

Last night surprisingly knew that Enigma and Margaret already attached to each other. Thats a good news to me. As before they meet each other, I already sensed that they are interesting to each other. Therefore i made myself as busybody to help them get closer to each other. I arranged an appointment for them and that was a good one for them. Eventually my effort rewarded, they already started their new stage of relationship for a week. I wish them can be loving each other forever. Ya, I love to see couples who live in sweet. :)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I had diarhea this morning. My stomach started felt pain when i just reached office. Then i straightaway rush to toilet and spent half an hour there. This made me missed my programming training. I went toilet 3 times today. Even now i am still feeling there is gas in my stomach. But i cant recall that i ate anything wrong last night. Thats weird...

Monday, August 07, 2006

My niece

My 2nd sis-in-law sent me my niece pictures, she is so cute ... but i never seen her since her born. Hopefully can meet her in October during holidays.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Margaret farewell meet

Margaret is going to HongKong to study for 4 months. Therefore we who always chat in the Penang forum group chat decided to do a farewell dinner for her. There were 8 of us attended the dinner last night in Tesco Pizza Hut - Me, Enigma, Dragon, Cat, Huisy, Margaret, Apple and Zhuan. This was the first time i meet most of them as well (I met Enigma, Margaret, and Apple before). Huisy is very much shorter than I expected, LOL. Anyway, the dinner was not bad. They also did a integrated photo as shown below for Margaret. Looks not bad huh....

After dinner Margaret had to go back with her parents, then Zhuan was going back to Alor Setar, the rest of us then decided to go for KTV. We got a room in Oriental and then sang for 4 hours there. Enigma was sleeping most of the time. Cat and Dragon drink and smoke quite lot (they declared that they seldom do that). Are they having lots of problem and get stress? hmmm... i not sure. I think I cant help much as well. I reached home around 5am and straightaway collapsed on my bed :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

LT wants to leave, again!

This is the third time she plans want to leave Penang since i came here.The first time she planned to go Japan early this year to study with sponsorship from a friend (how nice to have a friend like that right?). But her friend encountered in finacial crisis after that and the plan canceled.

The second time is 2 months ago, which she resigned and wanted to find job either in KL or Singapore. But this plan ended up with cancelation again upon her boss request and some counter offers. Now she told me she resigned again and decided to go JB or Singapore next month to find job there.

Well, she always wants to leave Penang. Thats why i feel that if she really do that, she would not be coming back here again. However, I do really feel that Penang is the best place for her. Her behavior and personalities will make her encounter a lot of problems either in KL, JB or Singapore. At the end of the day, I quite sure that she will either compromise her personalities and profile (this is what i hate to see), or living miserably there.

I will really want to ask her stay if I could, but too bad i dont have such influences on her. She had made few important decisions since i came here including changed job to Sg.Petani, stop her studies, plan to Japan, etc. But most of the decisions contrasted with the suggestions i gave, and none of the results seem can convince me that she did the right choice. But i am not meaning that she did the wrong decisions, nobody know what would happen too if she followed my suggestion right? they might be worse instead :)

Anyway, hopefully the decision move to JB or Singapore is really the best for her! Goodbye, I know that, this will end up everything between me and her. LOL, wonder who in JB or Singapore will be so lucky to get her as wife.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What if LT marry one day

LT IM (instant messaging) me today and asked me a weird question. She asked me what will i do if she marrying someone one day in future..... hmm.... my brain immediately cold down and frozen. My brain became blank and suddenly i didnt know how to answer her. After tenths of second my brain started to operate again and i answered the worst answer in the world "cry?", useless guy's action right? but in my brain started have some other answers came out :

1. hire terrorists go to the place they register for marriage and create a bomb crisis there, then all registrations will be canceled. LOL.

2. rush to the place they register for marriage and kidnap her, then escape to Europe. LOL.

3. disguise as a fortune teller and go there tell them if they marry will bring unlimited disasters. LOL.

4. rush to the place and hug her husband then kiss him, make him become a gay. LOL.

Anyway, just joke around. If she is not mine, she must belong to someone else. I am not deserved to be her husband, someone else will do. I told my junior that what i am worrying now is she marry to a guy that will only bring miserable to her. But my junior said this is out of my control. She said LT is very lucky as I am a very nice guy to be together with, but she missed me, is that true? LOL, but i dont think so, at least i am not good enough for LT.

What i can do when she is marrying is Pray for her happiness. Nothing else i can done for her. :)

Coool 2006 Penang Gathering photoes

Below are the photoes i 'stole' from my junior's forum friends, LOL.


me and my junior

Coool members

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dont sick please

Feel like going to sick, having slight running nose, heaty, and feel cold in office. I think I didnt get serious sick yet after came to Penang last year. But please dont sick now. I will be no energy to cook even a bowl of maggie mee!!! Hopefully drink lot of water now can help.....

Missing her...

Well, i missing her again... even though i would still think of her everyday, but used to be a mild feel. But today quite miss her... hmm.... what type of smile i am giving now ? :)