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Thursday, May 31, 2007




Monday, May 28, 2007

A memorable weekend

Last weekend was kind of special. I think i was with Sok Theng (I hope i spell her name correctly) almost all the time for both saturday and sunday excluded the time i stayed in home.

I went to ST's home in Bukit Mertajam on saturday with kingfisher, after i shopped grocery in new opened Tesco Extra. She actually invited us to watch she and Sheue Ni practicing belly dance. Its interesting as i never see any such of dance personally unless video. I was late for 1.5 hour as i spent too much time on shopping, LOL. I was nagged by her for a while once she saw me. She living in a shoplot house, the design is a bit weird for me. Very quickly she prepared sandwiches for both of us while SN reached.

After that this 2 young ladies just dumped us in the kitchen and they practiced their dance in room. Hey, something was wrong right? We were invited there to see dance. After some boring moment out there the room door was finally opened. SN refused to dance by saying that her dressing was not suitable. ST then practiced alone in there. She kept laughing and said that she is shy while doing some belly movement in front of us. LOL. Its fun and interesting to look at her with the special belly dance skirt.

At Evening 3 of us (SN left) was having dinner at Takehana Autocity. After that we all go to Tao Lounge waiting for Panda and others to celebrate Panda birthday. The celebration was actually canceled but i insisted to go Tao as well because i wanted to listen ST's sing. I think i am the last person in the gang who never listen to her sing. Anyway, her voice is not bad, but her 2 professional partners were totally overshadowed her performance. She didnt really join us much as she went to Halo Cafe with her partners after the performance. The rest of us stay until around 2am.

Sunday's meet was a bit out of expectation. I actually reject an appointment as i was too tired the night before and furthermore didnt sleep well, i planned to just stay in home for whole day. She caught me in MSN and had some chat. Suprisingly she asked me want to go out or not, alone. LOL, never has pretty girl like her take initiative to ask me out so far. Anyway i dont want to speculate anything. My experience told me higher expectation always rewards with me higher disappointment. Thus i just treat it as a normal date.

I departed from home early as i didnt want to stuck in jam. I reached her home one hour earlier than promised. She needed to help her mom for shop routines and so i waited for her in car. By the way, thats still better than stuck in terrible jam for hours right?

I brought her to Queensbay to meet Sagi and others, they are having roller skate gathering there. As she doesnt know how to skate and i didnt take dinner yet, we left the group and went for dinner. We had chat. I not sure am i too serious and affected her. She used to has a lot of crapped jokes and restless. She was quite behaved, well, for me, she looks like a different person, LOL. She was caring and gentle. Well, i did really have the feeling i was in a dating, LOL. The last time i had kind of feeling is more than 1.5 years ago, while i shopping with LT.

After dinner we met the group again. They were playing video games. After that we had supper together and eventually dismissed around 12am. I sent her back to gurney home. I lost a little bit on the way back and lastly reached home at 1am. Extremely tired but couldnt sleep tight again. Arggghh.. sure die in office.

Anyway, the weekend will be one of most memorable weekend in my life.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Its better to be smart from the beginning than complain at the end

I was thinking of LT last night when i lying on bed for sleep. I wonder why i miss her again instead of caroline. Maybe i have to admit that i still love her very much. Anyway, it was a bit surprised that i got her sms at the moment i almost fallen sleep. She never sms me at such time so i was a bit worry and called her back. But she gave me some funny thing.

She is still busybody as she used to be, helping her friend (i think might be her colleague), as a middle-woman bettwen her friend and her friend's husband's mistress, oh my god sound so complicated, LOL. She wanted me to help her to edit a sms to curse that mistress for having affair with the guy, as requested by her friend. I felt so funny and really, speechless. Anyway, i draft her a sms according to her requirement, with wickedly and nusty words, LOL, which i never use for tenth of years.

She asked me, why guys like to find other women out there. I didnt reply her, because i know she wont understand even though she knows what i wanna say is correct.

We all know that good marriage comes from well communication, responsible manner, sincerity and of course passion (or people prefer to call is as 'feel'). Love should, yes, essentially it should, grows with the attendant of all the four elements. But people in modern world are still ignorant about this, yet, you can hear everyday people complaining "I know what is love, you are the one dont understand me". Duh.

People always confuse love with passion. Passion should be an element that grow along with communication, responsible, and sincerity, and thus love will be solidated. However, what i observed, most of the time people will just focus only on the passion element, and expect communication, responsible, and sincerity grow on it. Guy and girl which able to communicate well and sincere will be categorize as friend, with reason 'no feel'; while for the one who cant communicate with but have feel, people will 'try to do everything with hope that one day in future they able to communicate'. Its ok you might not agree with my thought, but thats fine. We all claim that people dont understand us right? LOL.

Anyway, what i am trying to say is, women always let passion element control them and tends to take risk on the other elements, especially sincerity. Most of us never realise that passion makes us blind, once we get controlled by passion, we tend to convince ourselves 'he/she is sincere', even though we not really sure. I saw a lot of responsible and sincere guys out there while women complaining 'all guys are suck'; i also have seen many couples that living happily after tenths years of marriage. But i agree, i seen even much more couples break up always or divorce like nobody business. I dont know, maybe you can tell me why.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New friends

Last saturday Ik Tse invited me to attend a forum of public transport for disabled group. In the forum i understood that how malaysia authority overlook the needs of disabled group on public transport. Public transport, especially bus service which is cheap, is so important for us to survive, due to the fact that most of us cant really drive, yet not rich enough to afford taxi to travel around. I not sure how effective is such a forum can gain attention of authority, even public. But i think it is necessary to do something, to fight for the right.

In the forum i saw various types of disabled people voiced out their needs, included blinds, deaf, wheelchair bounded personnel, intellectual disturbed personnel, and of course celebral palsy member. If you followed my blog before you would know i am a cp member.

I get know quite some disabled friends there especially Anne, ChinChin and Yin Tsang (who been introduced afterward by Anne through MSN). By knowing them i realised how lucky i am due to my mild condition comparing them. In fact my situation when i was young was pretty worse than now. But because of my parents efforts, and with some luck i able to minimize the effects of cp in my life.

Anyway, i am happy to know them, as my new friends.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

88 Lighting

88 Lighting was opened yesterday. The open ceremony was performed in buffet style and, was crowded. I think there were at least 300-400 people, David claimed that there were 700-800 people, but i wonder whether that was a bit exaggerated. The big boss, Mr.Lau and his partner were there. Many friends like Hans, Ken, Pyen, Beibei, Cindy and others were there too. Quite many guests drove big and expensive luxurious car, which easily hit 200k and above. There was a sport car costs 600k if not mistaken. Anyway, the ceremony was consider nice and succeed. Wish their business will be great.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A bursting bubble

I think Caroline just treat me a normal friend, or maybe just a brother? hmmm.... its ok, maybe i think too much, or maybe i shdnt expect anything from the first place.

Anyway, still quite care and missing about her. Hopefully everything will be fine on her after she go KL.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007




而那些女生们侃侃而谈的择偶条件呢? 。。。。 经济条件在一次又一次的柴米油盐酱醋茶面前变成了主角;男朋友的样貌品味忽然好朋友的男友面前比较之下让自己觉得尴尬;而诚意和责任感,只有在发现他抱着另一个女人的时候,才显得格外重要。。。。

而受过伤之后,是否会让她们变得更加善于戴眼识人呢? 很多的例子告诉我,不! 很多女人,最终还是会掉进自己的感觉(或者第六感?)陷阱里。

女人们,真的知道自己要些什么吗? 如果知道,又为什么一再而再的往反方向行走呢? 我,百思不得其解

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Caroline Farewell

We did a farewell meet for Caroline tonight. Quite number of people were came like coffee bean, kenny, cole, panda, adeline, egg and sagi. LHKPop was dropby to pass Caroline a birthday gift. Unfortunately i was lost my voice tonight and so didnt sing much songs. Caroline was sit beside me, but most of the time she was talking with sagi and her bf. I didnt talk much with her actually. I think i have seriously communication problem to the girl i like in public. Anyway, the overall program was succeed.

I sent Caroline a mobile phone sack which i bought from Tesco this afternoon. Well, after i back to office i only realised the sack may be too small as it just merely fit my mobile phone, while Caroline mobile phone is bigger than mine. Luckily her mobile is still reluctantly fit into the sack. But i think she wont use the sack as she always receive a lot of sms and call, it is inconvenient to wrap and unwrap the phone from it.

She is going to KL in 9 days. How far we can go? hmm....

Monday, May 07, 2007

The best confession

I confessed to Caroline today that i like her. I think this is the best confession i ever had so far because it is just a purely informing rather than proposing. We can chat without any embarassment after that and i believe that she wont intentionally avoid me later. Anyway, i dont put much hope that i can be her bf one day as i know she always has a lot of better choices out there waiting for her. I just want to let her know that i like her, thats all. Its quite relax after the confession and i feeling good now.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

T-Junction, left or right?

Recently me n Carolyn suddenly become closer, talk and chat quite frequent.

Last monday i was went out with her, WW, kingfisher, kenny and conney. In fact i was just thought to bring her alone go gurney plaza for playing games as a farewell, as she is going to KL for study for 2 years. But since she was keen to meet conney before she go back Ipoh, i invited the others as well to make the date in group and thus been more cheerful.

Well, she was slimmed down after exam, which i noticed it since at Kenny bak kut teh gathering. Her dressing and actions were cute. Several times she slowed down her steps to walk beside me while the rest walking in front of me, well, i used to walk following gang. Maybe i was just be sensitive, but what happened between us recently had made my feeling towards her which i buried since few months ago after i got know she is admiring one of my friend, reveals again.

Few months ago, the time seem right, but i am not the one attracted her. Now, I not sure whether she is still admiring my friend. But since she is going to KL, i have kind of feeling that it is too late for me to do anything. Furthermore, everything may just because i was too sensitive or thinking too much.

She is a nice girl, and i know i have some feel on her. But, is the time now right for us? hmm.... fate always like to make fun of me..

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bak Kut Teh gathering (28 April 2007)

Kenny cooked bak kut teh personally for us on the day as he finally realised his promise since few months ago. There were around 30 ppl in his house waited for his dishes that night. The bak kut teh is very nice, i ate 2 big bowls of rice (one bowl was actually from Caroline as she could finish hers), i think that was the biggest meal i ever had since i came Penang for 2+ years.

1st May

It is a holiday today, but i didnt go out. I watched Naruto the whole afternoon, LOL... Even though its a boring holiday, but quite relax...