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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tao Lounge Night

Coffee Bean held his second Tao Buffet gathering last night. I didnt go for that as I was attended the first one 2 months ago. Around 6pm i departed to fetch KY and LF. As KF said he wanted to bring us to have special food as dinner in Butterworth, i decided to take ferry across the sea. This is the first time i took ferry after almost 3 yrs in Penang. Kind of interesting actually, by looking at the system they apply at jetty. All cars queue in rows before dock on the ferry. The workers sliding the block between rows to make sure the number of car do not exceed the quote. The system is primitive but i think is quite effective. However, the Penang is too far away for observation.

After we reached Butterworth, KF brought us to eat octopus and Char Koay Teow at Bagan Ajam. The food is not bad but out of my expectation. We continued later by fetching Zonlee and went to Tao. After we took our seats at lounge, KM and HF arrived. Happily HF willing to sit beside me as i requested. I ordered 1 pint of KilKenny, which is a beer that i didnt take it for quite some time.

Whole night i talked to HF most of the time, and then YSL joined us afterward. I sat very close and tight to HF, hehe.. I think this is the first i take initiative to do that. I was not sure she was comfortable or not, maybe she doesnt dare to sit with me again next time, haha.. I requested to take a photo with her, and then YSL did that as well. Very obviously YSL is interests on HF, and this is the second time he approaches girl i interesting too. Anyway, his chance is always higher than me and i actually do not expect much from HF as well. I keep the reason as secret here. One of the good thing of last night was i discovered HF's leg is quite beautiful, as i sat very close with her. My body having her perfume smell as well afterward, haha.. I am not sure what brand of perfume she is using, smell nice.

There were a lot of people, joining the Tao buffet. few are not familiar with. Met LHKPop, AmyTeng, LX, and others who long time never see. We were home around 1.30am.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007







Wednesday, November 07, 2007


昨晚拿到了HF的friendster, 拿了她很多照片,哈哈, 好高兴。。。。

也不知道从什么时候开始,我开始喜欢收集喜欢的人的照片,而且是大量的收集。看看我的收藏,其实也不算多啦,到现在为止真正有去用心收集的只有LT, ET, ZY, 和刚刚的HF。