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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Weird sound from bottom of car

After sent my ex-coursemate (Yenhui) and her cousin (Ida) back company to take her car, i drove on the way back to home. Suddenly there was a loud sound came from right bottom part of my car. I suspected the tyre was punctured. But after few seconds the sound gone. Then I accelerated my car, the sound came out again and became louder. I was worried that something happened to my car and i might encounter accident if i kept driving the car. Therefore i drove my car to the beach beside Coastal highway and put on my emergency light. I tried to call Yenhui but her mobile phone no response. Luckily I recalled that one of my colleague Keat Loong (one of the 3 monkeys) is doing night shift. I called him and he came out from lab to see what happened on my car.

After he checked all tyres he said everything looked fine. Then i proposed that we drove around to see the sound was still there or not. :S it was really weird that the sound gone. I speeded up the car until 70km/hour, everything is fine.... hmm.... after one round i drove him back to take his car. We suspect that there was something sticked on my car and caused the sound, and it was dropped. Anyway, my car now is fine. Thats make me relieve.

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