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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hope or another illusion?

Called LT as she needed my help to tanslate some english sentences into mandarin. After that we had some talks. Well, i dont really know what she want to express actually. Is she mean that i still have hope to be together with her if i keep going to woo her? or she actually didnt mean anything, but only another illusion that i give myself?

Her voice was so gentle and soft in the phone. I really dont want to give up her actually, but what i can do if she refuse to open her heart to me? ..... Well, i feel that is better dont think so much now. I will just treat her as a friend first and see hows thing going. If possible i will still hope that miracle can happen so she can fall in love with me for my persistence and sincerity. Anyway, the most important is still she can get a guy who she really love and can rely on him for the rest of her life. :) i should be happy if she is happy.

Love is sweet if you can forgive the one who hurts you, love the one who loves you.

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