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Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka!!! Merdeka !!!

Different from last year, i went to autocity to count down independent day last night. I attended Coffee bean Tao Japanese buffet gathering first there. I ate a lot as the food is really not bad. But the price is expensive lo.... When we looked down the roads outside from second floor, there were cars everywhere and jam both at the exit and entrance. Really felt amazing with the crowd.

After the buffet dinner we met Chamelleon, Adeline, Panda and their sister at starbucks. We chat until midnight and right at 12am, fireworks took place in the sky. However, the fireworks was not wonderful as what i can see in JB during chinese new year. We chat until 1am and then dismissed.

On the way home, i heard the independent day speech from our prime minister through radio. Well, Malaysia is good country. But the governing is really hard to get my good comment. Hopefully they can improve one day, eventhough i personally really feel its hard. Anyway, happy birthday to Malaysia, Merdeka!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

In love?

I was been very busy with work and ML for this 2 weeks and so didnt update here for some time. I had been work until 7pm-8pm everyday and then go to ML house to help her and CC to troubleshoot their computer problem. The time i reached home already 12am. After bath, check a bit mails, do some preparation for next day work, it was always 2am and i only managed to sleep for 4-5 hours a day. I was damn tired the whole week.

The relationship between me and ML is improve a lot as she finally approached me and confessed that she was confused with her feeling towards me. She couldnt determine whether she is like me or not. I told her that dont waste time on analysing that but just let everything develope naturally. When the time is come, we will know it.

In fact i havent determine my own feeling as well, whether she is the girl i am looking for. She is actually very nice girl, but too bad, my feel towards her is not strong. She is a very simple girl, she doesnt know what is romantic, how to flirt, tame like a sheep, and studying buddism sincerely. She inspires me that, am i like bad girl more? A bad girl does able to give me a lot fire sparks i think.

But back to realistics, i might never meet a nice girl like her if i give up this round..... hmmm... i need make up my mind faster...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2007 Astro Talent Quest

I went to 2007 Astro Talent Quest on last Saturday, for my beloved SHE, hehehe.... I tried to ask for tickets from my friends since weeks ago but seen it was hard to get. Luckily Kee got extra tickets from his friend who work as dancer for the show. He actually gave the tickets to CC, her bf and HL. But due to transport problem HL pulled out last minute and i coincidently take over her place.

We actually arrived early but the venue was already crowded. A big crowd jam in front of the Zone C entrance but the door was locked. We wait until the show started but the door was not open yet and no sign that it would be opened. The crowd started to make noise and even people breaking the door. Eventually the door broken and people sneaked in. I and CC, her bf went the hall through another entrance which the guard refused to let us in at first place. But after show i heard that there were quite many people went in without tickets as all the guards disappeared not long after the show started. There were even people walked straight to the very front of stage. ==" damn, they can see SHE so near!!!!!! i got ticket but had to see them so far away from second floor, aiks!

The show was considered successful. The stage design was great, colourful and attracting. Sound system was good as well. Watched the show live was really different with watch it on TV at home. I enjoyed myself especially when i saw my beloved SHE. Yeah.... haha....

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Am i really became a playboy?

Well, i am very surprise to hear LH said that ML is thinking about want to accept me or not... After hearing this i actually not really feel happy, instead, i feel a bit worry... Frankly, i did not do much on ML, besides bought her meal once, celebrated her birthday with a bunch of friends, helped her to install windows on computer and visited her twice in her working place. The main reason i do not feel happy is because i found that i cant communicate with her well enough. I had been always feeling there is a gap between us. Thats why i never expect she will put me into consideration. This had put me into dilemma, as there is another girl also approaching me at the same time, PY. PY is an active, cheerful girl and able to joke. Both of them are totally opposite characters. Well, i never intentionally make this situation happens. If i am really a playboy i will just take both of them right? ... haha... but.. i dont want to do that... a good wife or a good lover... hmmm...

Anyway, maybe i am just thinking too much. At the end both of them might reject me, and i got neither of them. Hehe....

Lets see hows thing going on ...