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Friday, August 29, 2008







Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

I watched Olympics opening ceremony with KF, coffee, zonlee and the rest at Autocity Pelita nasi kandar. I would say this is the best ever opening ceremony for olympics. The program is very creative and stunning with all the effects, determination from presentors and the events flow. Whoever missed it should get a recorded copy. It was touched and exciting to hear mandarin spoken in olympics opening ceremony. I wish that everyone can present their best ever performance in the game. Hopefully China can prove the world, Chinese can do anything better than anyone.

Drive to Balik Pulau

LOL... actually this incident happened 13th July, which was last month. I didnt have a chance to write it down until now. That day i was stay in home whole day. Around 5pm KF, yishili, zonlee and coffee came to my house after movie. These people watched movie also never called me.

After finished all the rubbish talk, they decided to eat seafood at Teluk Kumbar. I drove to Teluk Kumbar but we missed the signboard of the seafood restaurant. then? we drove into the road all the way up to Balik Pulau. Thats craps as the road is a uphill road with all the sharp turn and construction on the narrow road. Beside the road is a valley. If drive carelessly might dive into the valley with no much chance of survive. i drove very slowly and nervously. Luckily the people behind didnt horn me. After 15 minutes drive, finally i reached Balik Pulau. I switched my seat with coffee and let him drove me back to the seafood restaurant.

It was a good experience though. I managed to drive to Balik Pulau! but i will never go again.