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Monday, February 25, 2008

Unspeakable facts

There are a lot of things keep in our mind that we cant speak out. Ya... too difficult to be spoken... sigh....

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Everyone has his life

Tonight went out with Aric to watch movie again - Vantage Point. It is a nice movie, even though it was a bit boring at the begining, due to keep on repeating the same incident from different witnesses view point. I encourage you to watch it if you prefer detective kind of movie, which reveal the truth slowly throughout the movie.

Aric brought out the Edison news which is hot topic among people recently. He was asking how come so many girls would get involved affairs with him. I explained to him, the reason is very simple, because he fulfill almost all the condition that able to attract girl's attention and interest : wealth, joy and pride.

How much money does Edison has? i ever read a news previously mentioned he was interested to buy a small island in third world country and build his dream home! Can you imagine how rich he is? I am not saying all girls love money. But you cant deny that plenty of money able giving solid financial stability to life, which you might dont have to worry about your expenditure forever. You not need to worry your boss may fire you for whatever reason, you dont have to think twice, tripple, or once everyday whether you should buy handphone which cost 2k, you can travel around the world anytime, improve your lifestyle incredibly. Life become so easy, huh... Stability is the one that attracts girls.

I can ensure you Edision is good in talk, humorous, and understanding girls psychology. All girls love guy that able to give them a lot of fun, live happily ever after, at least, as frequesnt as possible. With the wealth he has, he able to do a lot of thing that might sound impossible to us. Yes, romantic may not necessary cost money, but with money, you are sure able to create a lot of romantic. Trust me, with the ability to provide good lifestyle, romance, plus humorous sweet jokes, joyful future with happy life would be projected in the girl's mind.

On the portion of pride, thats easy to be understood. Edison has a good looking face, at least to me he is considered handsome, genuine ABC who able to speak english fluent like hell, extremely rich, good body shape...... how many guys out there able to compete him as 'best show off boyfriend'?

Nah, he may be able to attract every girl in this world, but 50% of them is not an exaggerated figure, if he does really put a little bit effort to approach her.

Just face the truth, there people that no need to do much to attract girls, and there are people will never attract any girl no matter how hard they try :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bad Car Service

Well, finally i get back my car, after after more than 5 weeks, thats ridiculous. I believed that they delay because they want to give me car only after they successfully get money from insurance company. I got notice from insurance company that they claimed RM2800+, thats sound reasonable for 2 doors, but, its very disappointing with their skill. The doors are not painted evenly, my friend even suspecting that they are using the old doors after knocking them back into shape. Even though the guy promised will work on the paint for free later, but my friend is going to help me send the car to other mechanic to check out the doors. Its really a disappointing service.

Saturday, February 16, 2008



词 : 乌龟杀手 (我)
曲 : 还没有曲



不想说 不敢说

不能说 不敢说
只要梦里有你 我就不会寂寞

不想说 不敢说

不能说 不敢说


不是很满意这个作品,但毕竟是第一次,不要要求太高,呵呵。 我并没有打算把这首歌送给CY, 因为歌词有点悲,怕她看了又不知哪条神经不对,做怪怪的事。她现在已经很奇怪了,再怪的话就要送去做科学研究了,哈哈。

Friday, February 15, 2008



今天JY突然msn我,有点突然,因为好久都没聊天了。原来她男朋友作了一首诗送给她,她想回送一首,却一直没有灵感,所以叫我帮忙。他的诗是这样的 :


把第一个字连起来,就成了: 金叶,好想你!


我帮她写了这个 :


呵呵。。。 不用我解释了吧


又过了一个二月十四。。。 哈哈,跟七月十四读起来好像。。。


晚上和Aric一起去queensbay吃晚餐,遇到了在拍拖的熊猫和大哥。。。 吃饱了去看戏,又遇到他们两个。他们去看功夫灌篮,原本我们要看长江7号的,可是没有好位置,所以也买了功夫的票,和熊猫他们同一个房间。

整部戏还过得去,夸张,故事普通,没有新意,很多所谓的笑料都是抄来的,笑不太出,但还是有一两个经典的地方。。。 周杰伦的歌不错,和我胃口。。。 不太计较的话是可以接受的一部戏

去停车场的时候又遇到熊猫他们,今晚和他们还真有缘。就这样消磨掉了今年的二月十四 :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


有时候很怀疑我是不是真的适合做工程师。粗心,缺乏创意,有时候又有点固执。很多问题想了很久都一筹莫展,可是其他同事却可以理出头绪,找到答案。啊啊啊啊。。。 讨厌。。。。!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Fly away

Another 3 hours then i will depart from Penang to Johor Bahru. I think this is the 13th or 14th times i step into a flight, travel all alone. A lot of the time the stewardess or workers there will ask me surprisingly 'nobody go with you?' ... hmmm... ya... not sure until when only i will no need to travel alone....

Happy Chinese New Year 2008 :)

I will be going back to Johor Bahru tonight for my vacation of Chinese New Year. Yeah.. finally i can take a rest after so many days of 'short of sleep' + 'work like hell' training. I will be off for 10 days, and come back here on 10th Feb.

I most probably going to meet LT this time. I dont want her to be alone at new year eve as she will not coming back to Penang. Therefore i invited her to have eve dinner with my family. I not sure what feeling will i have as i didnt meet her for so long time already. She said she gained a lot of weight, i hope not too too too bad la..