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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Unrealised facts

1. i have been using WLF as my football team name in Yahoo sport fantasy and Xperteleven game for almost 2 years

2. i have been using tortoise as my display pics for this blog since start on June 2006

3. i have been using tortoise in my MSN title for around 1.5 years, until people call me as "龟公" already

4. there are 11 emails in my private yahoo mailbox that i have never delete and read since 2 years ago

5. there is a SIM card in my drawer.... which will never be used.


Now i am in office waiting my colleague to fetch me home. I am very tired and sleepy now, as i had consecutively only slept 4 hours for 2 days. Tonight i have meeting at 1am again, which mean i can only sleep for 4 hours again... tired ..... but luckily after friday i can take a good and long rest.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


[ 鑑定結果您的精神年齡41歲
老化度47% ]

Saturday, January 26, 2008



Friday, January 25, 2008


This morning i went police station to get my summons. The Sargeant told me that i can pay my summons in police station later, made me think that this is a normal summons and relaxed for a day. But this evening when i looked at the summons again, only i found that the paper he gave me is not a summons, but a notice to attend court in March. This made me start to worry again. I believe that my case is still consider a mild even though the lady broken her leg, because she had already discharged and have nothing else injury. From the information i gathered, it is quite rare to hold someone license unless involved in a very serious incident. Therefore i think what i will get is fine for few hundreds with points deduction.

But, there is one guy that i really dont like the way he talk, keep scaring me that my license will be terminated. Shit, make me worry only....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Excellent Award

This morning i got an email saying that i had been awarded Operational Excellent Award in my department, with reason i had managed well local databases and ensured them align to corporate security requirement. The award sound great but in fact i dont know which level of the award is categorized in my company. There are few different level of awards or recognition in my company. However, i think this is the highest award i ever get since my work here. I felt a little happy actually, at least, my hardwork was rewarded. However, i hope that the award itself is not just a piece of paper or wood, i prefer a better way of appreciation like CASH! hehehe...

US people are really different, they always recognize employees hardwork. I never see my upper level managers ever praise our work here. They always think we work extra is 'normal' and 'we should do that as responsible employee'... This is my first time work with US people, and i get this remarkable award.

I think this is the proudest moment in company since my join. I think my name will be list in next department quarter meeting video.

By the way, the person i would to share my happiness most, is not here...

Monday, January 21, 2008

2007 Annual Dinner

Its annual dinner again. Seem one year can really just passed in an eye blink. As usual, we went eat, enjoy show, and took photoes. :)
And also as usual, i didnt strike the lucky draws

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Heartless guy

I got LT's call this morning. Her voice was sound tired. Not sure is she taking well herself. But definitely better than me here, :). It was been quite some time i didnt contact with her. Ya, a little bit intentionally not to contact her. i thought this would help me slowly cast away my feel towards her, and i thought i did success. However, i was wrong. I felt sad again when i listened to her voice. I missed her so much. I realised that i still love her very much.

I always tell my friend that my heart is lost, and it most likely wont come back again. Living life without heart is just like a zombie, no target, no reason, no hope... i hate to stay at home, because i would miss her, because my room is so lonely, because my table is so messy, because everything here is just not right.
I love her, but she not loves me

Love, is just too high for me to reach; She, is just too far for me to seek....

Saturday, January 12, 2008


今年有两份生日礼物,第一份是FF, SF, 和 CY 送的 Polo Club 钱包。 应该不便宜,我很喜欢。

第二份,是我学妹送的, “祈祷祝我快点找到女朋友”。。。。。 无话可说的礼物。。。 她说这个礼物最实际 =="

Friday, January 11, 2008


You will never know what a little girl can do when she really care about you. This year birthday of mine became so special because of FF. She is really spoiling me, LOL...

4 days before my birthday she already bought the birthday gift for me, sharing together with SF and CY. The eve of my birthday, she gave me a sms around 8pm said that she was too tired and would be able to greet me at midnight because she needed to go for bed. However, when i online at 11pm, she was onlining. At 12am, she msn me 'happy birthday', she is so excited, and i almost thought that she was the one who had a birthday, LOL.

When i showed her a birthday greeting thread from a junior in a forum, she immediately created another greeting thread for me in Cari Forum while messaged all the members i know to greet me there. She spent almost an hour to message all the members i think. Really, i got touched...

The next day of my birthday, which was the day i met accident, my mood was spoilt. She, SF, CY, KF came my home and celebrated for belated birthday for me. In fact i had no much mood that night. But i am appreciating a lot for their sincerity. They sang birthday song for me, brought me the gift they bought, we had snacks, wine, watched TV together, laugh together.. it was really a not bad night. hmmm.... but i didnt make a wish.. as i dont know what else i can wish for, because i dont believe in my future anymore...

Thank you very much :) You are really my adorable grand-daughter, LOL...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Its only the second day of my birthday, and i met an accident in the early morning. I have nothing to argue as i was the one behaved illegally first. I not sure what punishment will be make on me as police will only announce summon after the other party make report. She was fractured her leg and hospitalized. Hopefully she is fine without any inner injury.

The inspector told me i most probably will be charged under section 43, which is the heaviest punishment as behaved recklessly on road and risking other people life. Possible punishment including canceling my driving license and fine of few thousands ringgit. I cant take both punishments as i have no much money on hand now, and i cant drive, i cant anything here. Without transport, i am dead. Lets see hows everything going.... sigh...

Saturday, January 05, 2008


昨晚晚宴回来,半夜赶着报告,头脑有点晕晕了。SF来和我msn,聊着聊着她突然问我是不是不快乐,我有点奇怪,因为我都用我一贯聊天的方式和她聊着,为什么她会知道我不快乐呢? 问她原因,她说感觉。嗯,不知道是她细心,还是其实大家都知道我不快乐,只是没有人问我? 不过还是要在这里称赞她一下,她的确是一个可爱贴心的女生,如果早两年认识她,我应该会疯狂的爱上她吧,呵呵。

人,到底要经过多少,才会找到幸福? 而当我不断批判社会现实的时候,是不是我本身也有很多问题,才会让幸福一直不敢靠近我。当我对生活越来越没有期盼的时候,是不是代表着我的人生其实正在走向终结? 活着,只是为了呼吸吗?而我,似乎连呼吸都懒惰了。

再过几天,我就27岁了。忘了从哪一年开始我注意起了自己的年龄,是不是因为太无聊了呢? 所以要找些号码来烦一烦。27了,事业,金钱,爱情,似乎都没什么值得骄傲的。我好想,好想。。。。。。。。 睡觉

Wednesday, January 02, 2008



今天一个朋友说他很注重对男生的第一眼感觉,感觉不对就很难会在以后考虑这个男生。我不知道有多少女生是这样的,但我想,应该是大多数吧,甚至是全部? 当然看金钱看地位的女生例外啦。。。。

如果是这样的话,我想,我还真的是没什么可能交女朋友了吧。我给人的第一眼感觉,不管男女,应该都一样吧。。。。 这应该也是我需要接受的一个现实。 :)