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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Enigma and Margerate

I met 2 of my net friends from Penang Cari group chat just now. I only dated Enigma actually. As my car was sent to hospital, I asked Michael (monkeys head) to send me to Tesco to meet him. I was reached around 1.5 hour earlier than promised time, 7pm. So i went to shop my daily needs stuff. I bought a lot today, feel that buying is really a good way to vent. I bought a pan for cooking. Hmmm... to cook instant mee actually ..LOL.

I met Enigma as promised and had dinner with him at Chicken Rice shop. He is tall. He is quite a guy who good to talk with. He got his own clear plan for future, this is good nowadays as many people actually dont know what they want. In the middle of dining i saw a girl walked towards us. Well, i was quite surprise that as i felt that the girl looks familiar. Until she sat beside me i only recalled that she is margerate, i ever saw her photo before. She is wearing a short skirt and blouse. Her look is ok, and very thin. Enigma was the one told her we were there. Anyway, i didnt talk much with her, i am just sucks when talk with girl..... She left us and joined her family after a short while. After dinner Enigma sent me back to home. Thats ended my gathering.

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