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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How we can see our future

Now-a-days everyone's life is so busy. Adults need to work, youngsters need to study, even pre-school kids need to go for tuition or other talent classes. However, when people getting busier, it seem that more and more people lost their track for their own future.

Busier mean more works to do, it also mean that you might encounter more failures than ever. Lots of people are just like to focus on their failures and then become pessimistics. I recall a phrase that actually become the key message of a taiwan drama.

“紧要关头不放弃,成功就在不远处; 什么时候才是紧要关头呢? 你想放弃的每一秒,都是紧要关头”
"Never give up at the critical moment, then success will just right there for you; But when is the critical moment? The every second you want to give up, is the critical moment"

Can you get the message? How we can see our future? Its hope! Hold your hope happily, not miserably. Thats the way :)

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