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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Went to Flix pub last night. Well, its sucks that they not allowed me to go in. Reason given was too crowded inside and worried about my safety. What to do? then the waitress arranged us to sit outside. We opened a Chivas whisky and drank. My housemate seem quite close with the waitress, and she kept saying sorry to him and touched his chin, LOL. Anyway, felt a bit guilty as they couldnt go in as well because they didnt want to leave me alone out there. Then we just sat there, drank, chat and looked the people passed-by.

There was some party and event inside and it was really crowded. After 12 midnight it was already fulled and people could only go in if there was anyone inside there came out. We saw some guys who couldnt go in were just dance out there at the corridor. There were a lot of girls as well. Most of them wearing sexy and having good figure. Anyway, i only saw one or two that match my taste.

We sat there for 4 hours and then went for supper. I reached home around 4am morning. Well, it was not too bad for me. But i think i wont go pub again except they able to make sure i can go in. Its not good to make my friends cant enjoy themselves by sitting outside with me. :)

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