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Friday, July 28, 2006

A Lame Guy

Just read a post in forum, felt really want to kick his ass if i could. The guy is around 30+ and is planning to divorce with his wife, and is posting a post in forum to ask for opinion from other members. He together with his wife for six years (including dating and marriage) and is having 2 kids now. His argument is he cant stand her wife and already lost his patient. He has no feel on his wife now.

I cant really understand people now if they have time to consider about divorce, why they cant sit down to analyse the problems and try to solve them. Ya, i know that might not be easy as just saying here, but is him really tried his best? did him show good effort on that? I do really hope that he is not looking for excuses for his lame personalities. Except that both of them are looking forward to divorce, if not there is not impossible to solve the problems. What i am concerning are the kids, not them.

As i said before, people nowadays have more choices, and therefore becoming more selfish. Lots of decisions made were actually based on own feel rather than the effects of decisions. Why is it so hard to say sorry? why is it so hard to start a conversation? why is it so hard to do all these things for your lovely kids?

hmmm.... remember, if you are not marry yet, please make sure you are really able to communicate with your partner first. If you feel that you cant really voice out your opinion and true feeling in front of him/her, please re-evaluate your relationship and future. You can avoid all those unhappy stuff !


Jin Cool said...

very true :) i support you, my friend. since together, no matter in what, must try the best to maintain and remedy.

Jin Cool said...

yea, i agree. no matter what happens in our life, we must struggle to maintain and appreciate the thing we have now. don't ever until lose it then only regret.