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Saturday, July 08, 2006

mIRC day

Well, didnt go out today. Its kind of boring to stay in home. My favorite series LOST season II was repeated start from episode 1 this afternoon. Is that mean the season II finished?

Logged-in to my mIRC today after 6 months. Well, i not really like mIRC as people in there seem so messy, cant really know friends. Anyway, after throwed rubbish message for 2 hours there i managed to know 2 Sg.Petani and a Penang girls there. I tried to know some guys there, including a sissy, but seem they only interest to chat with girls.

Christiana is the most friendly girl among them. She chat quite a lot with me and i feel she is a nice girl. She is pretty as well, LOL. Next girl is Elicia. She is young, only 20, cheerful and sporting as well. Surprisingly both of them are studying E&E and from Sg.Petani. The last one is CuiCui. She is cute. I thought she is married as she put her marital status as married in friendster. LOL, well, its fake information. Didnt chat much with her as she was consuming her favorite drama series.

Tonight will be World Cup third place match, Germany vs Portugal... hmm... which team will win?

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