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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Normal shift or Compress week mode?

i had dinner with my ex-courmate and her cousin last night, in a Japanese food restaurant at I-Avenue. She brought out a statement that work as normal shift is more tiring than work as compress week mode.

normal shift - work 9.5 hours per day, monday to friday
compress week - work 12 hours per day, but only 7 days in 2 weeks (first week 3 days, second week 4 days)

I am quite agree with her statement. Even though you have work longer time per day in compress week mode, but 3-4 days per week of rest can really help much in keep your life fresh and fun. You are able to do a lot of thing within the 3-4 rest days.

Instead, you spend 5 days per week for your work in normal shift mode. Wake up early in the morning and only reach home around 7pm (due to traffic jam or etc). Nothing much you can do in the days. Weekend you would rather sleep more in home and lazy to do anything. LOL. I want to try compress week mode if have chance. I am really sick with normal shift work already :)

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