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Monday, July 28, 2008

Another couple

My housemate just shouted out there and gave me a shocked. I asked him what happened, and he told me a good news. He confessed successfully and got a new girlfriend. Maybe this is hard for him as he is an Indian (in fact is mixed Chinese-Indian) and the girl is a Chinese. I met the girl before, she is cute. Congratulation to him then. I lost another single available friend, hehehe...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Parit Buntar BBQ gathering (11 July 2008)

This is a special BBQ gathering made by yishili for HF to celebrate her birthday. I fetched Gemin, Adeline, Jay and Sherlyn to Parit Buntar. The gathering went well. Everyone fooled around. It was long time we experienced this. Appreciate.

PS : Coffee drove his van into drain after the gathering, few ppl helped him to lift the van up. Hehe, I just driven my car into drain few days before him....



而这两对情侣至今也都还是很亲密,令周围的人觉得阵阵冷风吹过,毛都站起来。惊讶的当儿, 我其实很为KF高兴。他除了脾气有点差和一点懒之外,基本上没有什么大缺点,十足的好人。等了27年,终于也让他等到了春天。Sherlyn是一个很不错的女孩,虽然认识她不久,但是觉得她挺善良细心的。希望他们可以走到红地毯的另一头。

千里姻缘,一线牵引; 心心相印,才能共赴白头

PS: 全部都跑去拍拖了,我以后找谁一起看戏啊? 叹气

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I was sick since last wednesday until today. It was quite some months i didnt get serious sick. I rested in hohme 2 days but it seems the recovery progress is pretty slow.

I told few people i was sick that day and i got several response. My junior called me from JB to chase me for doctor diagnosis. My 2 lovely granddaughters visited me from town and bought me dinner. The rest of people no response.

Anyway, its just too bad to get sick now as i might miss the durian season. ...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Recognition

Another recognition on my 'mysterious' job, which nobody know, nobody want to do, and nobody interest to do. Anyway, good to have this again, another 50USD in pocket. US people always recognize our job compare to local. Sometime really fade up with local management style.

Friday, July 04, 2008

3rd fall in Penang

Tuesday morning i had my 3rd fall in Penang, and again, i broke my chin. i fell down 3 times in Penang, all broken my chin and need to stitch back my wound. Not sure why so unlucky here. I had been fallen down many times in Johor before but only broken my hand once over 24 years.

I had 5+ stitches this time. Much better than last 2 times. Lost some blood but is ok. Yeah Yeah, i still alive....