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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

SCC gathering

Attended a gathering organized by my university course juniors. SCC - Computer engineering, a course that i quite proud of because the relationship between coursemates and seniors juniors is always closed (at least its still maintained when i left UTM).

KL was there (refer my old message to know who is she :) ). She is still pretty and gorgeous like a princess. Her bf is my junior as well, is going to australia to do his master next week. He is a clever and nice guy. A lot of juniors were there, TM, KM, YJ, TT, SL... There were some juniors who are doing practical in Penang as well, like Esther, Terry, Boon Chai... Quite happy to meet them, as i really didnt see them very long time already.

Surprisingly i met my senior, Jenny there. She quit from Altera last year and went back to Kuala Lumpur. Tonight i only know that she came back to Altera again, LOL... She helped me a lot when i first went in UTM. Feel happy to see her. Met Beng kiat there as well.

Tonight is a good night. LOL.