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Thursday, July 06, 2006

New friends?

This 2 days i tried to know few friends from forum. I managed to know a lady name Lilian. She is kind, cheerful, and friendly. She told me she always has an idol and will go for their concert, music show and etc. to support him. she said this help her to keep herself young as she is able to interact with young fans. Well, i admire her determination on supporting idol, LOL, what a cute lady.

Lilian also introduced her friend, Sam, to me. She is married and has a 19 months old cute daughter. She is friendly as well and is daring lady. She said her thinking is just like a man. I like this kind of women as they are always sporting and easy-going. Anyway, i think i said something offended her today and hopefully she wont take it into heart.

Besides the 2 nice ladies, i added a cool guy into my messenger list. He is cool as his nickname, jincool. Even though there are dozen of pretty ladies trying their best to get close to him, but he only loves and focus on the lady he like. From his blog, he seem often clubbing and watch movies. I am thinking whether it is possible to become his good friend as i am thinking want to change my life style now.

Anyway, i am trying. I feel my life is a bit lost of direction after LT's rejection. Maybe make some big change in my life can help me to know what am i actually. Missing a person is always tough and torture, hopefully by making more friends able to rescue me from that. :)

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