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Sunday, July 30, 2006

It was not an assasination!!!

It was really got shock when my sister called me from hometown to tell me that they received a letter from traffic police. The letter stated that my car involved in an accident at 19th July and wants me to meet a Sargeant in traffic police station. Well, the date was the day i borrow my colleague car and my car get assasinated. I thought the motorist went to report police. But that doesnt make sense as the motorist was in wrong according to my colleague. Since my dad shown very much of concern, i decided to check with him.

After he knew about the letter then he confessed that he actually knocked a Mercedes!!! ... Oh gosh..... he lied to me and now it becomes so troublesome now!!! .... Definitely i have to claim my insurance to cover the victim's car, and i lost my discount for premium next year, RM 300 for involvement in accident (maybe this will require him to pay), and the most crucial thing is will they deduct my license credit??? I am still under probation period and only have 10 points!!! Even though my friend said that he will go to meet the Sargeant with me and confess that he is the driver, I am still worry whose credit the Sargeant going to deduct. Sigh.... I am so vex now. I had a forum friends meeting with my junior after that, but this really spoilted my mood!

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