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Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Past", is for you to grow, not for you to "hold"

I read an article from Nanyang online, i feel it is very meaningful to some people who concern, so i try to translate it here :

A lot of people came find me and said that they are not happy, due to some mistakes done before or wrong decisions; or not dare to love again due to hurt from previous relationship; or criticised by others, betrayed by friends, until cant trust anyone again; or feel less self confident due to childhood experiences...... etc.

Some of them feel that "unfortunate" will accompanies them forever, so they afraid of having "happiness", face with "happiness". In fact, they cant forget the past, always keeping themselves in the past moment and old memories. Holding the past, because they dont know how to forgive others, and they even want to punish themselves, refuse to live with "happiness".

Dear, past and present are two different worlds. If we only hold the "hurt" from past, it only will keep hurting us. If there is a little bit happy or sweet moment from the past, please reveal them and let them fulfill your heart. You will find out that the "past" is worth to be remember, as it gave you encouragement to grow in frustration, improve your intelligent, it is a good and crucial period in your life.

"Past", is for you to grow, not for you to "hold"

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