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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Broke Up

I just finished an old movie call "Broke up". It gives me a lot of confuses and thinking. Relationship is really complicated as human are complicated. Most of the time we are not realizing that we are using a wrong way to express ourselves to people surrounding us, especially our beloved. We always want, or at least hope that others would do the way as we expected, or ... as we wanted?? rather than accept who they are now. I still cant understand why Brooke choose to break up with Gary at the end of the movie, as both of them knowing they are loving each other, and both of them willing to accept each other as they are.

Another main theme of the movie is appreciate what your beloved do for you. Well, thats what most people lack of right? .... hmm...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Salary increment confirmed

I had my pay letter just now, after 2 weeks of waiting and worriness. Finally i been confirmed that my salary will be increased next month. Hehe... this helps a lot to overcome my financial problem...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

hey, visit the blog if you wanna hang little bit smile on your face. Thats one of my little cute junior's blog. She did really impress me a lot during my time in UTM. I had never seen a person who can laugh or smile almost every second she falls into my eyes. I hope so much i can do that as well. I like her blog very much, though i not really have time to visit it often. The way she write is really crap ! LOL..... Good luck to your final year project and graduate as planned. Dont drop the lovely smile from your face, my little cute Queen of Mars. Nah.

Money vs Human

Suddenly feel that i trust money much more than human. I feel so unsecure without money. Well, there was a time that i treat money just as a tool and confident on human relationship. But after seen so much of thing i find out that human relationship is so fragile. Yeah, sometime, secure some money handy is crucial. Friends can do a lot of thing that money might not able to do; but if even friends cant help much, money is the last thing you can rely on along with ur family .... (well, dont talk about god here)

Playboy test

I did a playboy test which my friend forwarded to me... result => my playboy percentage is 0% !!!

What a ridiculous test.. Didnt i say that i am in progress of becoming a playboy? ... ... ahhh... ... funny result

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Egg's Birthday (17/3/07)

Egg treated us buffet dinner in EverGreen hotel for his birthday celebration. Me, Kingfisher, Panda, Jayz, Tze lin and Zhenlin were attended the dinner. The food was consider nice and I had myself very full until couldnt really walk for quite long time (-_-")

My driving license (Second stage - In Penang)

There are 3 people that i must mentioned here, which help me a lot in getting my driving license in Penang. They are Yenhui, Azlida and of course LT.

For the first few months i worked in Penang i took taxi to company everyday. My car was driven by my brother to Penang and then was just put there in front the house i rent here within the period. The fee i paid for taxi was RM500 per month, which is a big amount.

After around 4 months i was worked in Penang, LT agreed to help me in getting my driving license. First she taught me how to drive. This made her the very first person i drove in my life. :) After that Yenhui and Azlida sent me to JPJ in Penang for getting approval to attend driving course in institute, as LT went to KL for job interview. After few times of 'unnecessary' visit to JPJ and institute (due to their inefficiency), eventually i got myself registered to the course. LT was the person helped me settled all the registration and documentation required.

Everything then went on smoothly. I attended all courses, theory and practical. But the week before my practical exam i only been told that i need to buy extra insurance for my car as i was using it for exam. Luckily Kangboon and LT were there and helped me for that. My exam was postponed for one month due to the insurance documentation.

At last, I got my driving license in September 2005.

Hunting for money

Last night Kenny and Kingfisher found out that i had given such a huge amount of loan to my friends. Kenny nagged me for half an hour that my heart is too soft and should take care of my own money well. I have to agree him that i should be strict to my friends for hunting my money back. I having kind of serious financial problem now and if everything do not go smoothly as planned my savings will drop below one thousand end of next week. Thats very critical situation to me if my family asking extra money from me or anything urgent happens.

Sometime, i may need to be cruel even to my own friends, to avoid putting myself in miserable situation like now. Is this call selfish? sigh....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

My driving license (First stage - In Johor Bahru)

I got my driving license at September 2005. I believed that was the biggest achievement in my life so far. However the process of getting it was not easy at all.

It was my dream to drive since i enterred university. However, I know that my parents would not allow me to try it. Thats why i never mention this to them until the last year of my degree study.

It was the time i got call for interview from Altera in Penang. Even though my parents were worry about my life here, but they let me tried with the interview as they understood that my job opportunity was limited. After i came back from the interview, i raised up about my wish to get a driving license as transportation is the most critical issue have to be settle if i would work in Penang. However, they still not allowed my to do so and suggested me to hire an indonesean drive etc. to overcome this issue. Anyway, it might be a destined that i failed to get the job offer and so, this topic was dropped as well.

As i was failed in the interview, i felt that degree is not enough for me to get a job. I rejected call for interview from Intel Penang and decided to pursuit my master degree through research in my university. With great luck i managed to get a project which sponsored by Intel while having another government scholarship as well. Therefore i managed to save an good amount of money within the period of my research. At the end of my research, i managed to secure a job in Intel Penang. So i raised up my wish of getting driving license again to my parents, after a proper survey on the process of getting it.

Eventually my parents was agreed to let me try on it, as they realised i had done a lot of survey and abled to buy a car myself. On the first stage of getting my license, i must say thanks here to my junior. She was the person who fetched me to hospital to initiate the process of driving accessment. She also the first person who gave me full support in getting driving license before my parents did.

But the process was not go smoothly. I failed my first accessment. I was supposed to get myself a modified car which suit for my physical capability for the accessment. However, i had no idea where to get such car and so my father driven my brother's proton saga to hospital. Furthermore, it was a manual gear car without power steering. First i failed to turn the steering within the duration required, failed to shift my leg from accelerator pedal to brake with the speed required, couldnt change gear freely and failed to do some other actions that required.

The doctor was very reluctant to passs me. However, she said she salutes my determination and thus gave one more chance and wanted me to bring an automatic gear car for second accessment. In fact i was almost gave up and not really felt wanted to go for the second accessment. But since we had made the appointment so we just went for the second accessment next day without any expectation. After i finished all the action required, the doctor had a discussion with her assistant and eventually announced that i barely passed the accessment. This announcement was really surprised me and i was almost cried. :)

With the doctor's approval i went to the JPJ (Transport and Roads Council) to apply for the driving course and hoped that i abled to get my license in 2 months time before my first day of report to Intel. The JPJ guy seem no confident on me and refuse to approve me to register for driving course. However, according to procedure they have to approve me as i already got the doctor's approval. That guy even question the doctor's judgement and ask me dont risk my life to drive. After very long time of confrontation they eventually changed their talk. I was shocked that they told me i have to get my ownself a car which was modified and suit for my accessment. I was been understood that the driving school would provide me with such car but they told me not, Without other choice i have to buy myself a car.

The problem i faced that time was whether i want to risk my money for it. After discussion with family i decided to give it a try. If i fail to get license then my parents can have the car. I spent around 1 month to select, buy, and modify my car. I bought a Perodua Kenari which is very suitable to me. I practiced drive around my home under my father guidance but result was not encouraging. As the time left was not enough for me to complete the driving course as well, i decided to bring my car to Penang and get my driving license here.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

MCB Thesis

I saw someone put his display name in msn as "MCB Thesis". I not really sure who is him and so i sent him a message asking him if he is doing his thesis for master degree, since MCB seem like a code name for a master degree course. He replied me that why he must doing a master degree thesis but not a diploma level of thesis? i told him the reason, and ask him what is MCB.....

He said ==" .... MCB = Ma Ci Bai ..... *faint*..

note : Ma Ci Bai - a bad word in mandarin which refer to female private

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Getting worse.... hang on for another 12 days

Last night my financial condition was became little bit worse. However, the cash on hand seem still enough to use and survive until my salary which coming 12 days later. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

If love you is a mistake, then i hope that i would never be right

One of my net friend send the link below,

the song is not bad, but what attracted me was not the story, its conclusion did.

"If love you is a mistake, then i hope that i would never be right; If i would lose you because i am right, then i rather mistake forever"

Very romantic huh ... but, how many people in this realistic world will really appreciate it? ... You might even been called stupid, silly if you voice this statement out publicly... maybe even the one you love, will say the same thing... of course, couples in love excluded...

Besides that, there is a chart at the end of the page. It listed out 5 possible scenarios that might happen if you fall in love on someone. But they are all end up with same ending -> 'miserable' . How sad is that.... Even though i not really agree that love will only bring miserable, but i have no point to argue it, because i myself now is miserable as well....

Serious financial crisis

Due to some reasons i facing very serious financial crisis now. My 2 bank accounts now only left around 1k+. This is the lowest level i ever had since 5 years ago. I hope that there will not have any emergency matter that requires money encounter me in short period. By carefully managing my cash flow i think i will be able pass through this crisis safely... wish me luck ya

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fell Down again ... (7/3/07)

Well, i fell down again. Wounded my chin. I went out with YS after teambuilding to Queensbay for dinner and maybe movie afterward. I had been wanted to watch "The pursuit of Happiness" long time ago but never had chance to get someone go for it. Most of the people like to watch commercial movies with a lot of actions and virtual effects. The moment we reached Queensbay car park we met Huey Wen and Kok Lim. They went for GSC as well for Protege.

The accident came after i parked my car and came down. My walker was not locked properly and it collapsed after i hold the handle. I not remember what i knocked but i could see my blood dropped from my chin on the floor. Shit... i knew that i broke my chin again. YS seem very nervous and passed some tissue to me. She stopped a car and a couple inside came for help me up. They agreed to bring me and YS to hospital. Well, YS drove the car as my chin was still bleeding.

The doctor who take care of me is Dr.Khoo, who is a very funny guy. He is professional and knows how to distract me from pain while stitching my wound. My chin was splitted at the same location as last time, which is even bigger than that. He said that i having 2 mouths and can eat more, LOL.

i admitted to hospital for for one night as a procedure to claim my company medical card. I may properly able to claim for my Personal Accident policy as well, which is around 800+ bucks.. hehe

Stupid upgrade

Blogger upgraded my blog, well, i dont know what they did. But all my posts and sidebars which are editted in mandarin became aliens characters which are not recognizable. I sent a post to admin for troubleshooting and hopefull can be solve soon. They should do it properly for upgrade and not affect the qualify too much. This is just will ruin their reputation.

Kingfisher and Kenny birthday (2/3/07)

Kingfisher and Kenny having birthday on same day which is 3rd March. We went to SOHO in Juru for their celebration, at the same to finish the Chivas i kept in SOHO for 2 months long. I reached there around 8.30pm and Kingfisher and Sagi reached around 15 minutes later. We decided to settle our dinner in Subway. Surprisingly the supervisor in Subway is Sagi's friend and we took opportunity to fool around there. Caroline, Wei wei, and Pop reached after 20minutes; then is Kee, Chamelleon, Panda and Adeline. Me and Kee went into SOHO first to secure a table while the rest waiting Kenny outside. SOHO was fulled downstairs, without choices we had to go upstairs.

Irene joined us a short while later, after 4 months since out last meet. I felt she gained weight but i wonder why David keep saying she look sick and lost a lot of weight. After that we started to play, chat, drink, took photograph and dance. Kenny brought his friend Pauline together. After that David came with Bei Bei, and Cindy. As they not really know the rest of people, the brought Irene and Kee to Tao opposite SOHO. The birthday cake was made by Caroline, we finished it even though was not really tasty, hehe... I think i drank a lot that night but i wonder why i have no much feel of getting drunk. Is that my alcohol withstand level improved after so many months of training? haha .... We left around 2am.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Will 'let go' takes forever?

I received few sms from LT which she needed me to translate them from chinese to english. Well, she is not chinese educated. I dont know who sent her those sms, but my mood was suddenly down by translating those sms. The contents was nothing special, just a few casual chat sms. But i just wondered why, they made me missing her so so much. My tears wanted to sneak out from eyes but i held them. After 7 months, seem my feel towards her had not reduce at all. I want to hug her so much but that will be a forever dream, i know that... How long really need actually for me to let her go? Or that will take me forever? .....

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I was very shock when i check back my financial record. I have 3 debtors and 2 creditors which involving total amount of 10 thousands!!! excluding LT's part!!!

I suddenly feel that if those money can be collecting interest at loan shark level then i will be rich pretty soon, LOL. LT also surprisingly said that want to return me money after half a year she left Penang. In fact i never think want to collect back the money i gave her, even though the amount is consider big to me. How can you calculate so much with a girl you sincerely love right? Of course i know that the world is realistic. Thats why there will be no next time. How lucky LT is ya? haha, because she meet me before i recognize how this world as it is. Money is more reliable.

Anyway, i hope that my financial plan which delayed for long time due to LT can be carry out smoothly and hit my target within 10 years. Wish me luck.

New 2007 Piggy Year

Hi all, its been 10+ days i didnt update here. I came back to Penang from Johor Bahru on last sunday noon. But by the moment i just reached home here David called me for Pyen birthday celebration. Then next few days from monday to wednesday i was busy with works and appointment as well. Now is the moment i can really write something here. Phew~

The trip back to Johor Bahru this time was quite 'normal', nothing much special to be mentioned. My family members are in good condition except my dad is having insomnia. We brought him to doctor and same time for complete body check up. Hopefully he can get well soon.

The chinese new year celebration was same as last year. Steamboat on new year eve, visit uncle house on first day of new year, grandma house on second day. What disappointed me was no much illegal fireworks this year put in my hometown, LOL.

Oh ya, one funny thing i want to mention here is i went KTV with my old school friends the night before new year eve. The KTV manager saw me when i went to toilet and surprisingly, he proposed us to shift to VIP room with toilet attached, on same charge. LOL.. the room is so big which enough to occupy more than 15 ppl with 5 microphones. The KTV screen is very huge as well, hmm.. 60 inches flat screen? ... hehe ... i think i enjoyed myself that night except the moment paying bill, bleh...

By the way, hope that everyone will have a memorable new year :)