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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Love in a thousands days

Last night was the Mooncake Festival for Chinese. I called up PR, Denis, CJ, Jet, CL, ST and others for dinner. Well, PR was just broken up with her bf, which lasted long for 5 years. The main purpose i called up the gathering was wanted to let her had a wonderful night with good friends. Thus she wont be alone in home and thinking for sad things. Everything looked fine. She seem quite happy with friends around. However, she started behaved weird after we shifted place to Vspot. I found that she was very quiet and looked tension there. I would like to do something but i didnt know how.

After a while she was missed up. But Jet told me that she was talking phone at my car and so i didnt do anything. After around 20 minutes ST went to my car and came back said that PR was disappeared. Everyone started became nervous and looked around for her. Denis, which is her best friend among us, called her up. He then told us that she was home with her friend. Everyone then back to sing and I still felt a bit worry about her. Today i only managed to know that she actually affected by the songs there. Most songs sang there were love songs. She couldnt control herself anymore under such environment. Hm... I should notice that early...

I dont know much about her and her bf. I only been told that her bf found a new gf and wants to break up with her. 5 years relationship, which is 1800+ days, end up with only a sms. I dont understand, how people now treat about their relationship. To me, it sounds too irresponsible. I only hope that she can be alright soon.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Untitled, again....

Recently life is a bit messed up. Sick for whole week last week. A lot of work seem waiting me to do. So tired.

Well... i wondering, want to go back JB, or continue to stay here.....

Friday, September 14, 2007

Finally :)

A lot of things happened for the last 2 weeks. After observation on both ML and PY, i decided to give up both them. They are not really suitable to me. My friend said that i am crazy as they might be the only chances i can get a gf as ML especially got feel towards me. Well, in fact i tried to accept ML. But eventually i couldnt convince myself that she is the girl i want to find. My friend criticised me that i have actually no much room for choices. However, why i need to force myself to be together with a girl that i have no much feel and eventually making both of us sad?

I actually really feel relax now. :) i still prefer to love ppl, and together with the girl i want to be.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Taiping Teambuilding

Today i went to Taiping with my group members for teambuilding. I actually slept quite late last night, around 2am. Thats why i was so relunctant to wake up this morning. When i woke up, i found it was raining and i was so happy. With raining day i can late to work and then use that as an excuse to not go to teambuilding and sleep more.

I sms JC - my manager, and kenny around 8am to inform that the rain had blocked me from go to office and so would not join the teambuilding, and would go to work after the rain stopped. They supposed to depart around 8.30am. I went back to sleep after sent out the sms. I think i only slept for couple of minutes then i heard my phone rang. JC called me ==" and told me that rain had stopped. OMG! The rain stopped right on 8.25am! .. I told JC that it was quite late for me to go join them as only 5 minutes left for departure. But JC told me that they can wait me.... ah... no choice, i wolde up and change cloth and rush to office in 20 minutes. ......

The journey was not bad. We went to Taiping lake. They pedal the cute swan boat around the lake. Then we went to muzeum. But the muzeum was closed due to electricity black out. What a coincidence. After that we went to Legend Inn for lunch. After lunch we went to Taiping zoo to show our faces to animals... lastly, we ate cendol there and home.

Well, teambuilding is an good event. It let us to know each other more and hopefully by that may improve the teamworking spirits. Hmm.. not a bad day for me, at least no need to work ;)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

ST birthday celebration

I called up a gathering at Tao Lounge in Autocity last night to celebrate birthday for ST. There were around 13 people attended, more than i expected. The moment we reached there, our seats were been taken by other customers who reached earlier. Well, we had to wait until they finished their meal.

When we got our place, ST's friend, SJ was singing birthday song for ST. We joined her together and cheered the atmosphere there. After that ST had her first rest session and we had a lot of photo session. CJ ordered Bombay and made us cocktails. PR was the one said she want to be drunk from start, and she did that. She was the only one down last night, hehe... I think she having something not happy. Well, but i shouldnt ask much i think.

ST asked CJ went on stage to sing last night as her birthday present. He sang quite well. Then we taken out cake and sing birthday song for ST for 2nd time, LOL.... after finish sing and blow the candles, we only found that we taken wrong cake... haha.. then

we replace the cake we bought and... sing the birthday song third time... ZH said on stage that ST aged for 3 yrs in one night, LOL.... then the funny part was, PR they bought magic candles that damn hard to be blown off. The candle would flame again as long as it still having little heat on its tip. ST blowed the candles for 3 minutes on stage but couldnt blow all them off, made everyone there laugh.

After that we had supper in McD until 2am. PR was almost black out and only slept on table there until we almost back. Hopefully she will be alright soon.

Lastly, wish ST happy birthday.