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Monday, May 12, 2008


This morning i forgot to bring almost all my keys... yes, almost all, including home key, room key, and car key. I recall that right after i closed my room door. Isn't it really sucks?

I had to call my friend, luckily just living tenths meters away, to fetch me to work. After work, i asked another colleague to get me home. Luckily he helped me broken into my room through toilet door. ....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Game week

i didnt go out this week again. Stay in room play online game. Honestly i lazy to go out and spend money anymore. I joined Web Based Romance of 3 Kingdoms game last week, and successfully gathered a group of players by forming a league as league leader. I need to learn how to manage these players and mae ksure they are able to compete in this game. There are a lot of big leagues in the game and luckily they are fighting each other. We expand our power and army in low profile. Now my league has successfully squeeze into first 100 leagues as 91th place. Hopefully there will be one day we can go into top 10. :)


I was talked about 'nobody prefers good guy as boyfriend' with my granddaughter few days ago. I not sure about whether i am qualified as a good guy, but at least, i am not that bad to be called as a bad guy.

She said that i not dare to do things that girls do not like, for example? i not sure, maybe teasing girl, talk something that rebelling her opinion etc? ... She said i understand girl too much, and maybe too be careful when dealing with girls, thats why no girl is interesting on me... hmmm.. hehe.. maybe she is right. I need to be changed ya... :p learn how to bully girl, haha.

But i heard a radio program few weeks before, about so called 'good guy' as well. Most call-in were saying good guys are not attracting, even girls were agreed that. hmm... what a world right?

I told her my junior asked me about the chance to court Her, i replied 0%, and what is her opinion. She answered that 0% as well, where she in fact think negative value might be more suitable. lol...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I slept quite early last night, and i woke up a bit early than normal saturday i had. Finish something by 1pm and i started to feel boring. Read comics online and then cooked instant soup which bought last year. The soup not nice. I like soup, miss my parents soup so much. Every meal in home would have soup. Actually once i hope my gf needs to know how to do soup. She may not know how to make dishes, but have to know how to make soup. LOL.. but i do not set this criteria anymore.

Whole afternoon read comics. Just finished watch football match. MU won 4-1 against West Ham. I hope they can won the last game and get title.

Waiting my housemate to bring back my dinner now. He borrowed my car and went out 3 hours ... sigh.

Thursday, May 01, 2008