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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Last night went for dinner with my ex-coursemate and senior. In fact planned to go pub after that. However, their planning is not well and end up that i was left out. We separated after dinner and would contact through phone. Eventually everyone called me when they were already on their way and I dont know how to go to ChillOut. Therefore i decided not to join them but my housemate. He planned to go Glo. But there is no place to sit in Glo. So he said he will bring me to Flix to night. Anyway, I not really like clubbing actually. But i hope can change a bit my life style to see more and know more friends. Its sucks to stay in home and thinking for rubbish.

I had a talk with my ex-coursemate, FF, in car for more than 1 hour in car after dinner. She told me a lot of her problems, particularly love troubles. A lot of guys try to date her but she doent interest in them. However, those guys keep doing something that affects her life, this made her in vex now. I am wondering are those guys so "not" attractive? I think shdould be one or two of them is nice and cute. The answer she gave me is 'feel' very important. All those guys cannot give her the urge to be together with any of them. That makes me wondering, what is 'feel'?

What if the guy you have feel with is a bad one? If you and him/her quarrel everyday, is feel helping to peace the situation? is feel still there after 2 years of quarrel? ...... hmmm... anyway, i dont think there is a good answer for them, 'feel', is weird.

Then i start to wonder am i able to give anyone 'feel'. Everyone is telling me 'you are a good guy, you can find your love one one day" since 5-6 years ago. Well, i not saying that statement is wrong, but at least it is not aboe to be proved true as well until i really meet one. But from the past few years' experience, I realized that i cannot give that kind 'feel' to a girl. There are too many nice guys out there to choose, girls (at least most of them) would not take risk to spend their time with me. Everyone is busy, nobody have time to check out your true personalities, outlook and action are still very important.

Of course, sure there are still girls that can appreciate guys like me, but i think these girls are really a minority, plus i have to give them the 'feel', maybe its easier to strike lottery, LOL. I am not pessimistic. I just like to analyze. I will still looking for the girl, the girl that is harder to find than strike a lottery. :)

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