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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What if LT marry one day

LT IM (instant messaging) me today and asked me a weird question. She asked me what will i do if she marrying someone one day in future..... hmm.... my brain immediately cold down and frozen. My brain became blank and suddenly i didnt know how to answer her. After tenths of second my brain started to operate again and i answered the worst answer in the world "cry?", useless guy's action right? but in my brain started have some other answers came out :

1. hire terrorists go to the place they register for marriage and create a bomb crisis there, then all registrations will be canceled. LOL.

2. rush to the place they register for marriage and kidnap her, then escape to Europe. LOL.

3. disguise as a fortune teller and go there tell them if they marry will bring unlimited disasters. LOL.

4. rush to the place and hug her husband then kiss him, make him become a gay. LOL.

Anyway, just joke around. If she is not mine, she must belong to someone else. I am not deserved to be her husband, someone else will do. I told my junior that what i am worrying now is she marry to a guy that will only bring miserable to her. But my junior said this is out of my control. She said LT is very lucky as I am a very nice guy to be together with, but she missed me, is that true? LOL, but i dont think so, at least i am not good enough for LT.

What i can do when she is marrying is Pray for her happiness. Nothing else i can done for her. :)

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