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Thursday, August 03, 2006

LT wants to leave, again!

This is the third time she plans want to leave Penang since i came here.The first time she planned to go Japan early this year to study with sponsorship from a friend (how nice to have a friend like that right?). But her friend encountered in finacial crisis after that and the plan canceled.

The second time is 2 months ago, which she resigned and wanted to find job either in KL or Singapore. But this plan ended up with cancelation again upon her boss request and some counter offers. Now she told me she resigned again and decided to go JB or Singapore next month to find job there.

Well, she always wants to leave Penang. Thats why i feel that if she really do that, she would not be coming back here again. However, I do really feel that Penang is the best place for her. Her behavior and personalities will make her encounter a lot of problems either in KL, JB or Singapore. At the end of the day, I quite sure that she will either compromise her personalities and profile (this is what i hate to see), or living miserably there.

I will really want to ask her stay if I could, but too bad i dont have such influences on her. She had made few important decisions since i came here including changed job to Sg.Petani, stop her studies, plan to Japan, etc. But most of the decisions contrasted with the suggestions i gave, and none of the results seem can convince me that she did the right choice. But i am not meaning that she did the wrong decisions, nobody know what would happen too if she followed my suggestion right? they might be worse instead :)

Anyway, hopefully the decision move to JB or Singapore is really the best for her! Goodbye, I know that, this will end up everything between me and her. LOL, wonder who in JB or Singapore will be so lucky to get her as wife.

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