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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Why be pessimistic in the hopeful world?

I find out that a lot people now-a-day are so fragile. Many of them cant really control their emotional well, cant hadle stress, self-centered and kind of individualistic. A small problem or challenge in life is able to turn them down and then lost confident in many things.

Break off with a lover then argue that there is no true love in this world; betray by a friend then claim that everybody is suspicious; born in a unhappy family then complain that he is an unlucky guy and life is sucks...... it is good to protect yourself, but pessimistic is not the way.

I do believe that everybody has a hope deep in their heart, no matter how pessimistic they are, if not they wont choose to stay alive right? What they really need is someone to search and surface up the hope inside them, remind them that "Do you still remember once upon a time, you are believing in this?" ....

Oh please, dont give up your hope, your principles, your happiness, just because of one guy, one incident, or a stupid mistake by anyone; you lost much much more than you thought. Life will be nice if you believe it is nice. If you made a mistakce once, try not to make it twice. If really that bad it happened twice, avoid the next time. As long as you still alive, as long as you still believe, chances are there waiting for you.

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