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Saturday, June 24, 2006

My life goal

Hmm... i declare myself as a simple person, with some simple dreams, which may not be easy to get. My legacy is simple - Be a person who worth to be remember. I try my best to be nice with people around me, try not to give any burden on anyone, try to help within my ability, and try to be happy.

I have 3 goals in my life.

1. Be independent. I dont want to let my parents to worry about me anymore. They were doing too much for me. I want prove to them that i can handle my life well, and so they can really do the things they want to do, and for their ownselves.

2. To form a happy family. Everyone hopes that able to find their true love and then being together happily forever. However, not many of them really dare to set it as a life goal. There are so much people who ever hurt in a relationship given up the courage to try another partner. Anyway, i believe that true love will come to you as long as you still believe in it. Besides that, So far i am still struggling to live independently in Penang alone. I know my parents are still worrying about me. If i am able to get a partner who is able to take care each other with me, i sure my parents can really be relieved. Dont worry, i will not simply get a partner for that reason. I dont want to hurt anyone.

3. stabilized financial status. I hope that i can manage my money well and achieve financial relief by 50 years old. I am actively incolve myself in financial planning study now and had drafted out a 30 years financial plan for myself, my parents and my future family (if i able to form one). I want to give comfortable life especially to my parents, its time for me to serve them then. However, i wont push myself too hard on this. As i mentioned in previous post, the most important thing in life is what we are having. if i cant appreciate what i am having, no matter how much money i get, i will lost them very soon.

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