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Friday, June 23, 2006

The last chance?

In fact there is a matter that always troubling me for the last 6 months. This matter is a thing that i kept asking LT to do for me for the last 6 months but she never do it, except she did it once on 4th March 4.30pm; but she did it that day was due to other reason, was not because of me. I dont know what is the last day she works in Sg. Petani, if not mistaken is 7th July. So, i really hope that she can do it by the date. Maybe she doesnt understand the meaning behind. The meaning would be totally different if she do it only after she resigned from her job. If she really fail to do it, i dont know i still able to love her like now or not.. sigh, maybe i really is not good enough for her.

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