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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My work

I just realised that i never mention about my work here.

I started my work in Penang as Failure Analysis Engineer since March 2005. This is my first job after graduation from UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia). Well, its excited that i survive myself in job hunting game, as there were more than 10000 graduates couldnt get a job in 6 months that time.

So far i am satisfying with my job environment. My colleagues are fine, even though i am really able to get close with most of them. My supervisor is kind, but i have to say that his management skill is not good enough. I got my increment early this year, even though i feel that i didnt do anything significant.

My job is consider boring. I am doing kind of research type of work, which i feel helpless as there are totally no reference to get start. I have to start something and come out with result from nothing. Phiew.... sound cool? nope, its bad. I have been given too much of freedom and i am quite hardly to get any help from others when i facing problem; none of them know the thing i am working on :'( Sometime i am really fade up

I miss my university campus life .... :(

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