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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Classic love story that happens everywhere

Browsed through Nanyang Press online and able to read an article. Its a classic love story that we can see everywhere all the time.

Nana (arbitrary name) is an active girl, pretty, therefore she never lack of admirers. However, she ever failed in a relationship, added with a lot of terrible relationship among her friends, she becomes hard to accept a guy.

Among her admirers there are 2 guys, Fred and Ming, both are her colleagues. Fred is handsome, humour, active, and so he has a lot of admirers as well. Ming is calm, practical guy who caring Nana a lot if her daily life and help her to solve her problems. Even though she have feel towards both guys, but, humour guy always has some advantages, and so, she prefer Fred more than Ming. When both the guys confessed to her, she accepted Fred.

Everything was fine at the beginning. They have same interest, active and outgoing. Ming was been rejected, however, he still loves Nana and caring her as usual. After few months, as passion gone, Nana and Fred started to quarrel. Fred is quite egoistic and therefore Nana's opinion and feeling were always been ignored. As time gone, Fred finally has affair with another girl and then they broken off. She accepted Ming eventually as Ming's consistency and sincerity touched her.

Errr..... what a boring and ordinary story ...

However, i like the comment given in the article :

There are always choices in love, A is outstanding, B is romantic, C is handsome and caring, in such situation, girls always confuse in making decision, there are even some of them playing two or 3 timers.

Girls like surprises, being care and love as a treasure, however, a sincere, ordinary guy can give you the most secure life. Love is a one way road, you can never get all you want. Understand what you want in your life, understand what you really need from a relationship, then choose wisely.

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