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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hunt for prostitutes

LOL ... my friend was asking me whether want to go Thailand for prostitute hunting, quite surprise that he would invite me for such thing. :D He might feel that I am all alone too long and need to balance up a bit LOL..... I answered him that i not interested in such thing now ( :p in fact my heart already has a girl and i not really interested in other girls now, no matter for love or for sex.... oh.... am i sick? ), but i can go with him for beer hunting, beer in Thailand is damn cheap!!!

After that he said i can find a chick for massage while drinking, at least relax and enjoy a bit. I said the idea is not bad, then he replied, "You get massage for your body, I get massage for other part" #*&^%$ LOL


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no problem... you are moneyl right?