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Friday, June 23, 2006

Are you granted?

Human has an unforgivable weakness - they always take things as granted if they used to have them, no matter how many times they were warned that they would lost them in future if they do not appreciate them properly.

Do you ever think of why your eyes, ears, hands, legs, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver are functioning well? What if one day they are not? or at least, any of them is not?

Do you ever think of why you still able to see your either dad, mom, family members, friends, colleagues and others alive? What if one day they are not? or maybe, any of them is not? what if tomorrow will be the day?

Do you ever think of why your mom have to cook this or that for you? why your dad scold you when you when you done something that might hurt yourself? why your lover tolerate you so much no matter what you did to him? .... what if, one day, they stop doing all these things for you?

Appreciate what you are having, taking care of your health, talk more to your parents, drop an sms to your friends, give a kiss to your lover, and dont forget, do them always !!!
A family which live happily said that, the secret of they able to form a warm and happy family is appreciate each other just like you will lost them in the next minute. :D

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