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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cry Baby :'(

LOL... cry baby.... i was the ONE!

As i described in previous post, i was really great in crying when young. I think i was too dependent on my parent, especially my dad that time. If i couldnt see any of them more than half an hour then i would start to feel worry and cry. My cry used to start with a sour face, then few drops of tear, later i would start to cry with 'wooo..wooo..woooo', then became 'ahhh..ahhh...ahhh', and eventually would become very very loudly shout.

I still remember that the very first 2 weeks of my kindergarten class were started with my shout. All kids were infected by my 'virus' and some of them would start to cry too (errr.... even though sometime they were the one affected me :p). The situation was became better after couple of weeks, as i was getting used to the classroom environment.

Well, after 2 years, same 'scenes' happened for the first 2 weeks of my primary one class as well. This time nobody was cried together with me, but all of them would stare at me... sigh, how embarassing i was.

Anyway, i like my kindergarten period very much. My dad would carry me to the school garden during rest time. He went back home when i was in class and came a moment before my rest time started. I get excited when i saw those flowers, grasses, tress and kids chasing each other there. I really enjoy outdoor :)

I think i became rarely cry after 11 years old. Ya, maybe because i growed up .. LOL

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