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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Talked with one of my junior 2 nights ago. The focus of conversation was why we always feel depress for our own past, no matter they were due to our own mistakes, or others' faults. She felt so unhappy and depressed for a matter that happened during her childhood, and that incident has haunting her for more than 10 yrs. In fact, i was feeling down, moody, and depressed at the same time too, because i was just rejected a by a girl again :'( ....

Well, i know her well enough, if i didnt say something to cheer her up, she definitely would cry overnight again... duh... then suddenly some words come out from my mind

"What happened cant be undone, we cant change anything by asking for reasons, it is better that working hard for our own future, to make those what going to happen, happened as what we want"

LOL, cool huh... i never expect i can come out with these words, and she seem really convinced by them...

Well, not only her, I have to fight for my own fututre too.... :'( Lets do it !!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sure one day you can have a girl friend who really love you and you too (maybe just like your good mother or your lover sister!!Yipee ^V^)Be cheerful ya. Or let me give you a tips how you "charsing" a girl...."OBEY" and don't be "CARAVEN" ya. Hahaha (i think you sure can)certainly don't accept the girl who want to charity her love to you because is very cruel and no fair! For me , you look hamble. Ok, this is what the advise. Add oil add oil!!