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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Alone in Penang

I have been working in Penang for 15 months. However, I still cant really make any close friend yet. First of course is because i am living too far from most of my friends and colleagues; second that might due to too much of places are not convenient for me to go, therefore my friends would never consider me in their activities contact list. What to do, infrastructure here would never taking into account the necessity of disabled people.

So, how do i kill my "excessive" free time? hmm..... thats crap.... seem i have always wasting most of my time by watching tv, vcd and surf net.... sound boring huh.

Well, i plan to change all of these, i had enough with this dull life. The first thing i did is try to know more net-friends through forum and if everything fine, meet some of them and hopefully able to hook up with them. By making massive amount of friends, the chances for me the get involve in any of their activity are higher. does it make sense? hehehe

The other thing i am trying out is make my face skin thicker so i would not feel shame to take initative to join my colleagues' activities. However, i try my best to avoid putting any burden on them. Ya, hopefully i am....

Ha, now i got one more stuff to do, post message in this blog, though i not sure anyone is reading. Well, scratching my head to squeeze something to write here can really take away a lot of my time.. but it will getting better, hehe, posting blog message is not a school homework after all, i know i will enjoy it :)

Hopefully you are not in same situation as me. Loneliness can really kill ... so, do something!

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