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Monday, June 19, 2006

7 girls ...

My junior read my blog and asked me a question, Are you sure you had been rejected by 7 girls? so many? and you sound proud of it ... :'( can someone really feel proud for that?

Sigh... well, in fact, among the 7 girls, i had been really serious to only 3 girls of them. For the remained 4 girls, i felt nice with them and i think maybe it is good to give each other a chance. However, i gave them up after they rejected my confession, probably because i not really love them.

ET is the first girl i was loved. My ex-coursemate introduced her to me through ICQ. However, we were not really closed that time. The first time i really got a chance to have a good chat with her was around 2001. After that, we become friend and then start sms each other. She is matured, independent, outstanding and proud. I communicate with her well and slowly i found that i missed her everyday and finally i confessed to her. She didnt rejected me at first place, however, she didnt accept me as well. Ya, it is a so called "net-love", sound unrealistic huh. :) Anyway, relationship in such way is hard to maintain and both of us know that. Eventually she brought out the issue first and rejected me, of course there are many other reasons behind as well for her to make such a decision. I sad for this for more than a year and tried to get her back at the same time. However, she is so firm with her decision and finally i gave her up. We still contact each other, and become good friend. :)

The second girl i ever serious to is KL. She was my junior. I was attracted to her charism, behavior, and she looks so fair just like a princess. Anyway, i knew that she wont interest in me, and so, i didnt really do anything to date her. But, i still confessed to her, just to let her know my feel towards her so i wont feel regret in future. I treat her as friend after that.

The last girl, LT, is the girl i love most so far in my life. I knew her from ICQ ( another net-love?? nope :P)..... She added me in ICQ around 2003, and we didnt really talk much. She even called me up that time. Well, I am shy when talking with girl and i sure she felt so bore to talk with me. After some time she disappeared and never see her online again. Honestly, i almost forget about her. Until end of 2004, she appeared again suddenly, as sudden as she disappeared before. I recognized her name, but i cant remember anything about her except her name. That time i was just got my job offer in Penang, and she is living in Penang as well, so we start to talk and slowly become closed.

hm... well, i think it is better for me to create a post specially for her since she is so special for me :p Be patience, if you really interest to know :)

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