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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Eventually i got back my car today, after 2 weeks of 'car-less'. Thanks to BL, Michael, HS, KL and SI who ever fetched me during the time.

After that we went to PISA for camera fair. The fair is not bad, with a lot of booths and bride gowns show. Many booths had hired pretty girls as promoters. A lot of DSLR camera hobbyists were there taking shoot on the bride gown show. The show is good and i do feel it reached international standard. I was caught by a pretty promoter before we left, all thanks to Sherlyn. She talked a lot to tell us how good is the camera and really, i do feel the camera is really nice. But too bad, i am stingy, haha...

After that we went to Queensbay Borders and Popular to read books. I made a popular card, as i have at least 6 books in list to buy. What books? hehe.. below are 2 of them. I will start book-ing tomorrow.


Jeannie said...

the one on the left is really interesting :-)

wcheow said...

interest? hehe ... you no need sleep ah?