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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Team Building - Penang Water Sport Center (26th Mac 09)

We went for team building on 26th. I promised to fetch SI and KBH but too bad my car was caught accident the day before. I planned to excuse myself but SI said that she instead can fetch us go there, so i agreed to attend it.

I sent my car to workshop around 10.30am together with SI and then ride into her car to KBH home. After got KBH, we reached there around 11.30am, almost about time for lunch :)

They played quite few games there, including water activities like water polo. But the most enjoying part would be canoeing. This is my first time on canoe, pretty nice.

However, the sun is strong in the noon. most people were worried about sun burnt to play water polo under the sun. You know, all kinds of sun block, sun screen were there been applied, with all different flavors :s

We finished all the games around 5pm and returned.

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