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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pizza Hut lunch

today went to Tesco Pizza hut for lunch. The lunch was organized by my group to welcome 4 new hires to our group (well, we have to share the expence afterward except for new hires). I drove there with 3 of my colleagues. We are quite well as they are always teasing each other, i just laugh aside :p.

after we reached pizza hut, 3 of them arranged me to sit down in front of a new hire. How dare them then sit together at another table and left me alone facing her &^%$# .... Michael (one of the 3 monkeys) said at my ear that they give me chance to talk with the new hire :s ya, she is a girl. sigh....

what happened later? I look at ceiling, people walking outside pizza hut, Morgan (another colleague who sit beside me), Ira (one more colleague who sit beside the new hire)..... err.. i almost look all around the angle i can see, except her :s i scare if she look at me at the same time, i dont know what to say with her (how shame it is)

Luckily Morgan and Ira keep talking so the atmosphere was not too bad. I think she also not really dare to look at me directly as well. At the end? err... we intro each other, but too bad i not really sure how to pronounce her name correctly, Chin EE? Jin EE? Anyway, thats not important. Most important is i had my lunch :p

Shoot the 3 monkeys in the way back to office :-/

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