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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Job hunting

today spent some time to search web for job for LT. Suddenly i find out it is so difficult to find a job. Big companies require a lot of academic qualifications (which a lot i feel is not necessary), she might be able to fulfill them; small companies seem rarely put advertisement for hiring, recommendation through friends seem to be the most effective way to get job in there.

At the end i ask for help from a net-friend from Plexus to help to submit her resume in Plexus and Dell. Feel a bit shame as i actually just know her for a week, very very not close with her. Hopefully she wont feel that i am that kind person who only would find her when i have thing for her to do. Besides that, i also ask a friend to pass her resume around within companies in Penang to look for a job suit her. Of course, she looking job for her own self as well. I just help around so she wont be jobless.

One of my friend in Singapore is looking for job as well. Hopefully he able to hunt his job as soon as possible too. Now i know, it is so difficult to get a good job.

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