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Monday, June 26, 2006

Lets start all over again

hmm... i decided to start all over again. I will try to woo LT again. However, I wont be aggressive. I know she need time to accept me, as she was hurt before. I will let her know that how much i love her.

Anyway, lets start all over again from friendship. Today criticised seriously by my junior. I think my junior is right, the way i love her before is wrong. I should give her more space, let her to decide what she wants. She is old and matured enough to know what is she doing, who is truly love her, and what is the best for herself. My patient might not be enough, so i have to evaluate myself again. By the way, i hope she can understand that i have no other intention to date her out. I dont need any commitment. I just want to see her once a while, talk to her, just like very close good friend :) i am ok even she doesnt accept me at the end of the day.

Future, lets future to decide. i only trying my best for what i can do. :) I love LT.

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